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Below you'll find a wide variety of Honda Element parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Honda Element to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Honda Element: What to Do with Fallen Gauge Needles

    The Honda Element became one of the hottest models when it was launched as the 2003 SUV by the Japanese automaker. A compact crossover SUV with a no-nonsense philosophy, the Honda Element quickly became a hit in the US. But its strong appeal did not last long as its sales dwindled during its last three years in production. It finally exited the market with the 2011 model year as the last to have rolled out of the facilities. This model, however, did not have a clean slate, with the gauge needles falling off as a common complaint over the years.

    Receive free repair through Honda\'s limited product update

    The 2007 Honda Element became a hotbed of complaints when the users began to notice that the gauge needles have the tendency to fall off. Honda was quick to acknowledge this issue that led to its release of a technical service bulletin, advising dealerships of the proper steps to fix the problem. Owners of the affected Honda Element models, whether front-wheel or all-wheel drive, were informed of the necessary steps to address the issue that may compromise their safety.

    Based on the bulletin, the instrument panel must be replaced by the dealership and that owners were to not be charged for this repair. This offer, however, was for a limited time only, which made it an unofficial recall, contrary to the understanding of some of Honda Element owners. The notification was sent beginning in December 2007, and the users were given enough time to send their SUV to the dealership for the necessary repairs. The free product update from Honda ended on December 4, 2010. This means that all similar complaints after this date will be subject to the regular warranty, instead.

    Replace instrument panel through the dealership

    Honda\'s free product update instructed dealerships to replace the entire instrument panel to ensure that the gauge needles would not fall off again, even after hitting a bump. Even if the offer no longer stands today, the same procedure would have applied. Therefore, it is important for Honda Element owners to send their SUVs with fallen gauge needles to receive the correct and applicable fix.

    When replacing the instrument panel, a new gauge control module must be installed, to which the data from the odometer and maintenance minder should be transferred and rewritten. In order to rewrite the data, the HDS must be used all throughout. The rewriting process may take a while, and it is necessary to ensure that the HDS is connected until all the needed data have been successfully transferred to the new gauge control module.

    Install new gauge control module with high-level DIY skills

    If you have the right skills and knowledge of the procedures involved in the replacement of the instrument panel, the installation of the new gauge control module, and the transfer of the necessary data, then fixing the fallen gauge needles on your Honda Element on your own would be worth a shot. Otherwise, it would be better to send your SUV to the dealership and have the professionals perform the correct repair solutions.