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Honda Odyssey Parts And Honda Odyssey Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Honda Odyssey parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Honda Odyssey to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Five Tips to Avoid Honda Odyssey Transmission Failure

    With its accommodating interior, unparalleled road manners, and remarkable fuel efficiency, the Honda Odyssey sure has what it takes to charm those who are looking for a family vehicle. It also boasts a smooth powertrain that makes this minivan even more capable of taking you and your family from point A to point B. But much like any other vehicle, your Odyssey has its share of shortcomings too, and it requires regular maintenance to be continuously capable of providing you and your family with safe and comfortable travels. When it comes to your Honda Odyssey transmission, here are a few tips that could help save such system from premature failure:

    Service the transmission regularly.

    Much like the engine, your transmission needs regular checkup, too. Since it requires transmission fluid for smooth operation and preventing heat build-up, you need to check the level of this fluid from time to time and replace it at the right interval. Check your manual for the correct transmission service schedule and intervals and stick to the recommendations stated in there.

    Keep it from too much heat.

    To maintain the mint condition of your Odyssey\'s transmission, it pays big time if you do some efforts to keep this system cool. Too much can cause the seals of the transmission to harden; metal bits can also expand and the clutches may start to burn. One way you can do away with excessive heat in such system is to outfit your ride with an auxiliary transmission cooler. This addition in your ride comes in handy especially if you use your Odyssey in transporting heavy loads during your family travels, towing trailers, and in driving over mountainous terrains.

    Develop good driving habits.

    By driving gently, your car very huge favor by reducing the stresses received by all the mechanical components and saving its body panels from possible damage that they can get if you get involved in a road mishap. In case of your transmission, try to practice gradual acceleration, not only is it economical, but it\'s also friendly on the powertrain. Steady performance also keeps the temperature in the engine bay and in your transmission low, so you don\'t have to deal with all the hassles and headaches brought by overheating powertrain components. Your transmission will also thank you if you avoid heavy traffic as well as constant stops and starts.

    Use the right transmission fluid.

    The type of transmission fluid may vary from one vehicle model to another, so when it\'s time to replace it, make sure to refill the right type of fluid. Fresh fluid can help make your transmission work better and last longer. So, when your manual says or your inspection reveals that it\'s time for a new transmission fluid, try to do it as soon as you can. Just avoid overfilling as the fluid may foam, resulting in erratic shifting, lack of lubrication, and possible damage on the transmission.

    Deal with problems early on.

    In the long run, your transmission will develop issues due to aging, normal wear and tear, and many other factors. While this is inevitable, you can prevent any issue from getting worse by dealing with it as soon as the first sign of problem appears. It also pays to educate yourself of the possible early signs of transmission problems.