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The hood of your car rarely gets any attention. After all, this doesn't usually break. You can pop the hood easily, and it can stay close even when you shift to highway speeds. However, there may come a time when the hood can get stuck or won't get locked. You'll then have to check what's causing the problem. If it's the hood catch that is the culprit, then be sure to replace this right away. Don't wait for another day, or you may have to encounter more serious problems if you do.

Getting a new hood catch

When looking through the different replacement options, it helps to know what you ought to choose. To give you some tips, here's a short list:


Perhaps the best kind of hood catch you can find is one that's made from a high-quality material such as cast 304 marine-grade stainless steel. This catch offers you durability and strength. Also, the good thing about this kind of material is that it resists rust and corrosion effectively. And because it's light, it doesn't add unnecessary weight to the vehicle. The hood can be shut close without using a component that will weigh the car down.


You'll probably find a lot of universal options for this hood part. Some of them can fit a couple of vehicles easily. Make sure that these include the vehicle model you're driving. You'd want to look for a direct-fit replacement to the original piece. Since it's specifically designed to match the specs of the vehicle and fit into the hood, you won't have to drill anymore. Installation is really easy; this can be done within just a few minutes. If the catch isn't right for the hood, then you may have to do some modifications. This can be a bit inconvenient and impractical given that there are already many options out there that are designed to match the hood's exact specifications for a hassle-free installation.


You may not think about style too much when shopping for something to replace a busted hood catch. But while looking through the different options, you should at least find something that can elevate the style of your hood.a catch with a well-polished look will do. One with a mirror-like finish will give your vehicle some class, making it look like it's very well maintained. So if you're looking to buy a new catch, at least look for a replacement that's polished. A catch that features electrostatic polishing is a neat choice.

Price and warranty

The price of the catch may range from 11USD to 17USD, depending on the brand, vehicle make and model, and some other features. If you want to save dollars, try shopping around. Get prices from various sellers and manufacturers. Some sellers have a discount coupon or may have an ongoing promo. It doesn't hurt to look for special deals. As you go through the different options, get yourself a good manufacturer warranty as well. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for their hood catch replacement and other hood components.