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Hood Trim Kit

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Jazzing up your ride is now easier and more affordable with high-quality accessories such as the hood trim kit. This set allows you to give your car's hood an overhaul without having to spend a huge amount of money or time during installation. If you're on the hunt for that perfect trim kit, here are a few things you need to consider:

Hood trims or hood vent trims?

Depending on the type of car you have and the overall look you want your vehicle to have, you basically have two options when shopping for a hood trim kit. The first is a hood vent trim kit, a set that includes stick-on or clip-on vent trims. This is usually used on vintage or antique cars or any vehicle with a hood vent. The second one is a basic hood trim set that includes trim pieces that you can attach on the hood's center and sides.

Stick on or clip on?

As its name suggests, a stick-on hood trim kit uses adhesive strips for an easier and hassle-free installation. Basically, you just need to peel off the adhesive backing and stick the trim piece onto the hood's surface. The tricky part here is the surface prepping. Keep in mind that a trim piece, no matter how strong the adhesive is, won't stick properly to a contaminated surface. A stick-on type is usually best for small and thin trim pieces.

As for a clip-on hood trim kit, the set includes clips made from high-grade materials such as steel that let you attach a trim piece onto the hood. For heavier trim pieces, wire clips, screws, and lock nuts are used to make sure they won't fall off as you drive the vehicle over bumpy roads. If you're planning on attaching heavy and bulky hood trim pieces, a clip-on type is a good bet.

Stainless steel or chrome plated?

When it comes to material, stainless steel offers more advantages than a chrome-plated piece. This is because stainless steel is more rust-resistant than chrome. Plus, chrome pieces require more maintenance than their stainless steel counterparts. However, if you're restoring the hood of an antique vehicle, chrome pieces look more authentic than stainless steel items.

Other factors to think about

To make sure you get a good deal, buy a hood trim kit only from a reliable brand that offers an excellent warranty. As for the price, compare rates online so you'd have an idea on what a trim kit usually costs. The more pieces a set includes, the more expensive it can get. Also, the material of the pieces can also affect the price since a kit with stainless steel pieces is priced differently compared to a chrome kit. To make the most out of your budget, opt for a set that already includes mounting clips, screws, or adhesive primers. These mounting accessories and tools are not that expensive and are easy to find, but they can add to the total cost if you have to buy them separately. Plus, if the clips and screws are included in the kit, you're 100% sure that they will perfectly fit the trim pieces.