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Power defines the Hummer–and power is what you will get from our heavy-duty Hummer Parts and Accessories. Come and search our complete catalog of Hummer Parts below to find even the smallest components that complete your mammoth machine. The good news? All our parts have a 30-day Guarantee, so even a tough Hummer driver like you can shop without fear.

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  • Hummer: Built Distinctly Unique, Able to Navigate Through the Ends of the Earth

    Production of Hummer has come to a halt, but no one can dispute the fact that Hummers are and remain to be among the most versatile vehicles around. Since they are more than capable of traversing almost any kind of terrain, Hummer vehicles allow their owners to connect with the great outdoors in utmost comfort.

    The Hummer was first marketed in 1992 as the civilian version of the M998 Humvee. When GM purchased the brand in 1998, it marketed the original Hummer that\'s based on military Humvee as the H1. Succeeding models that were based on smaller, civilian-market GM platforms got the H2 and H3 designations.

    The H1: a civilian off-road vehicle

    The Hummer H1 came to being after the photos from the Operation Desert Storm became so popular. It also partly owed its birth from the enthusiastic campaigns from a famous owner of several Hummer vehicles.the actor-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. The H1 came in many variants with the convertible-like soft top model, the Alpha Wagon body version, and the four-door hardtop SUT as the most popular.

    The H1 shared some Hummer parts like the axles, brakes, frame, and major body panels with the HMMWV. What made the H1 unique are its interior appointments and the way it handles off road. Most H1s are fitted with the Central Tire Inflation System, allowing drivers to increase or decrease tire air pressure in a push of a button. Other features unique to H1s are inboard brakes and portal brakes, which ensure greater ground clearance by allowing higher placement of the drivetrain\'s half shafts. They are also equipped with high-mount air intake, making them able to traverse through waist-level water without worrying about the intake system.

    The H2: an SUV and an SUT

    Offered in SUV and SUT versions, the H2 came lighter, longer, and taller than the H1, with enough room for six or seven passengers including the driver. The H2 SUV displays a perfect balance of interior comfort and excellent capabilities on- and off-road. To prove to the world that safety runs in the Hummer DNA, it has equipped the H2 with Panic Brake Assist and StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System.

    A half pick-up and a half-SUV, the H2 SUT came with a luxurious interior and the kind of off-road capability and performance Hummers are most known for. The H2 Hummers were fitted with a long list of standard Hummer parts and features including tilt leather-wrapped steering wheel with radio controls, leather upholstery, air conditioning with tri-zone climate controls, outside-temperature indicator, oversized tires with HUMMER rims, BOSE premium sound system, heated front and rear seats, and a whole lot more.

    The H3: the smallest Hummer models

    Besides being the smallest Hummer, the H3 was also the only one to be made by GM. It was offered in two versions.the traditional H3 mid-size SUV and the mid-size pickup H3T. Hummer also offered an H3X luxury package as well as an addition to the elite Hummer .Performance Series..the H3 Alpha.

    With its fully welded steel frame, complete undercarriage protection, and 9.7 inches ground clearance, there\'s no doubt that the H3 SUV continued to live up to the brand\'s unparalleled off-road reputation. The H3T, on the other hand, was donned with a range of Hummer accessories for any outdoor activity, plus several engineering benchmarks including front-and rear-locking differentials.

    While no longer in production, Hummer vehicles are still visible not just in the U.S. but also in many other parts of the world. This is the reason the market is still flooded with a wide selection of Hummer spare parts and replacement parts. There are also lots of Hummer parts online, so owners now have the auto parts they need right at their fingertips.