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Hyundai Articles

  • Hyundai Motor Corporation and Some of Its Most Precious Gems

    In less than fifty years, Hyundai has become the world\'s fifth largest motor group. Its secret, according to the marque, is the power of new thinking. Its workforce and management are smart enough to discover that world-class expertise could be a powerful weapon in invading the lucrative new markets. Now, Hyundai has strongly established itself as one of the top competitors in the global automotive market. As of 2012, Hyundai was recognized as the world\'s fifth largest automaker.

    Founded by Chung Ju Yung, Hyundai Motor Company became the first Korean automaker. The company\'s first model.Cortina.was built and released in 1968 in cooperation with Ford Motor Company. It was then followed by the first entirely Korean-designed and built Hyundai.the Pony. Due to its tremendous market success, the Pony also became the very first Hyundai to be shipped overseas in 1975.

    Two decades after it was founded, Hyundai got into the U.S. market with the Hyundai Excel, which became an instant hit, with more than 160,000 units sold on its first full year in the market. Other best-selling and noteworthy Hyundai models include:

    Hyundai Sonata

    Introduced in 1985, the first Sonata was basically a facelifted Stellar that received engine upgrade. It was marketed locally as the .luxury car for VIP. but sales were low as the public saw that it was no different from the luxury version of the Stellar. The second-generation, which was produced to meet the increasing demands for mid-size cars in the United States, was considered as the original Sonata. Since its 2nd-generation, Sonata has been enjoying a good market run that it is now on its seventh generation.

    The current Sonata claims to be more spacious than any other car in its class, giving occupants the benefit of a large-car interior in a mid-size sedan. It is packed with many enticing standard Hyundai parts and features including alloy wheels, Smart cruise control, class-exclusive smart trunk, and a 2.4L Gasoline direct-injection engine that produces more horses than the engines of the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, or Ford Fusion.

    Hyundai Genesis

    With a name that means origin or beginning, Hyundai Genesis is a representation of the marque\'s first venture into the luxury market. It was then Hyundai\'s largest, most powerful car until the launch of the Equus. Introduced in 2008, this full-size, rear-wheel drive luxury sedan, which is now on its second-generation, earned several recognitions especially in 2009. Among such are Consumer Reports\' \'Top-rated Upscale Sedan\', North American Car of the Year (first Hyundai to bag such award), top Safety Award from the U.S. IIHS,\'s New Car of the Year, The Car Book\'s \'2009 Best Bet\' award, \'Best Luxury Sedan\' in MotorWeek\'s 2009 Driver\'s Choice Awards, and many others.

    The new Genesis takes pride in being fitted with world-first technology and state-of-the-art Hyundai parts and features such as CO2 sensor, automatic emergency braking, hands-free smart trunk, intelligent drive mode, advanced high-strength steel chassis, and a lot more.

    Hyundai Veloster

    The Veloster is a compact Kammback aimed for the Generation Y market, and thus sold under the marque\'s Premium Youth Lab sub-brand. It was launched in January 2011 to fill the gap left by the Hyundai Tiburon. To make it enticing to the millennial market, the Veloster is fitted with advanced Hyundai auto parts and loaded with tempting standard features. What sets it apart from the competition is its asymmetrical door configuration.with one large driver-side door and two smaller passenger-side doors.

    With the automaker\'s continued success and global popularity, the auto-parts market is now swamped with a wide selection of Hyundai spare parts and Hyundai accessories to address the vehicle owner\'s needs for replacement and upgrade. Hyundai parts online are also widely available for those who will choose to shop at the comforts of their own home.