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The engine needs more than just the right mix of air and fuel in order to run as smoothly as it can. It also needs a well-timed spark. In points-based ignition systems, timing may become off or drift. When this happens, there will be a decrease in gas mileage or fuel efficiency. Power may also suffer. Breaker points may be adjusted to achieve a performance that's quite similar to electronic ignition. However, the points may burn after reaching thousands of miles. They may wear prematurely before the recommended replacement. And so, some car owners opt for an igniter kit.

To learn as much as you can about the igniter, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the benefits of using an igniter kit?

OE replacement igniter kits can increase voltage delivery to spark plugs to twice as much, which makes them an effective solution to poor or slow starts and sluggish performance. They will help the ignition system reach its peak performance so that the engine can run efficiently.

Advantages provided by electronic ignition conversion kits include extended spark plug life, increased gas mileage or better fuel economy, and a healthier engine. By replacing the points and condenser with solid electronics, you can expect more voltage delivered to the spark plugs, which will result in quicker starts, smoother idles, and enhanced engine performance. As opposed to points-based ignition system, you won't have to worry about adjustments or about dwell and timing. The vehicle will have cleaner emissions and won't require oil to be changed as frequently as before.

Is it easy to install an igniter kit?

An OE replacement kit or conversion set is fairly easy to install. It can be as simple as changing or installing points. If you can handle that, then you won't have as much trouble with figuring out how to install the kit, which can usually be done in minutes. Just make sure that you follow manufacturer instructions carefully and that you use the right tools. Also use a kit that's specifically designed for the vehicle.

Once installed, will it be difficult to maintain this type of igniter?

The good thing about an igniter kit is that it doesn't require tedious maintenance. You just have to set the igniter the right way, and you can just forget about it. You won't have to adjust the points or bother with the timing. Most kits are designed for zero maintenance. You just have to find the right kit for your vehicle's specs and ignition needs.

When looking for an igniter kit, what would be the most important thing to consider?

First on the list would be the fit. The kit should be designed for the type of vehicle you drive. To make sure that the igniter kits you're looking at will be a direct fit, use the specs of the vehicle as a guide. Search for an igniter that is compatible with the year, make, and model of the vehicle. The right kit won't require any modification. It can fit inside the distributor, probably under the cap. It should also go well with the stock distributor and coil.