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The remarkable thing about your Infiniti vehicle is that while it’s classy, it’s also highly customizable. Come and check out our extensive catalog of Infiniti Parts and Accessories below to narrow down your search for components that match your ride. All these parts come with a 30-day Guarantee, so you can securely shop with an infinite peace of mind.

Infiniti Articles

  • Bleeding Edge: Top Technologies to See in Infiniti Vehicles

    Many people have the misconception that Infiniti cars are just fancier, more expensive versions of Nissan\'s vehicles. But while Infiniti marque has been part of the Japanese automaker since the late 1980\'s, the brand is a league of its own compared to its Nissan counterparts. Aside from its luxury status and the high-quality Infiniti parts incorporated into their respective chassis, Infiniti vehicles are fitted with exclusive technology that make driving a safer, more convenient, and overall better experience.

    Here are some of the latest technologies and features to watch out for in the latest Infiniti luxury vehicles:

    The InTouch

    One of the latest technologies Infiniti touts in its luxury car lineup is the InTouch, an advanced multimedia interface that lets you access a variety of functions as well as certain Infiniti parts and peripherals installed in the vehicle. The InTouch interface is fitted with apps, which drivers can personalize according to their needs, such as real-time monitoring of the vehicle, access emails, GPS navigation, or look at their daily schedules at the touch of their fingertips. The InTouch also works in sync with the Infiniti Connection feature, which allows for remote access of certain features in the vehicle via wireless networks. And finally, the InTouch can be used alongside peripherals such as the SiriusXM Satellite radio and selected smartphones.

    Direct Adaptive Steering

    Another latest innovation to come out from Infiniti is Direct Adaptive Steering. Touted as world\'s-first steering technology, Direct Adaptive Steering utilizes electronics to streamline the steering mechanism, resulting in a more precise handling of the steering wheel, improved shielding against excessive road vibrations, and less wheel adjustments in order to maintain control of the car. The system also allows drivers to choose from three steering modes . Heavy, Standard, or Light . that reflect the needs of the drive or simply the mood of the driver.

    Intelligent Cruise Control

    Another signature technology found in Infiniti vehicles is the Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) system. This system works like a standard cruise control found in most cars on the road today but with the added feature of maintaining a specific distance from the vehicle in front of the car. The distance to the vehicle in front may be selected at any time, enabling the car to drive a long, middle, or short distance from the vehicle in front of it, thus allowing for adaptability to various traffic conditions. In addition, the distance to the vehicle ahead will also change according to the car\'s speed; the faster the vehicle is running, the wider the distance. And once the road ahead clears, the ICC automatically resumes the car\'s set speed.

    User-friendly customization

    In addition to parts inclusive in its vehicles, Infiniti also offers genuine Infiniti accessories. These accessories can be functional, such as interior ambient lighting and performance muffler kits to stylish additions such as stainless steel illuminated kick plates and custom aluminum alloy wheels. These Infiniti parts and accessories can easily be found in dealerships worldwide, although one can also purchase Infiniti parts online at an oftentimes cheaper price.