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The vehicle's deck area can easily get damaged when exposed to heat from the sun, when covered with dust, and when moisture has settled on it. If you leave it bare without a good cover, that's exactly what would happen. To keep this part of the vehicle clean, dry, and damage-free, you have to get a reliable deck mat. Here are some factors that you have to consider in finding a good one:


As you browse through a handful of options, you'll find mats made out of velour and vinyl and also those that are designed as carpet.

  • If you choose a vinyl mat, make sure that it's constructed from a premium-grade material that won't easily wrinkle, crack, or distort even when exposed to extreme temperatures and rigorous conditions. The best ones can resist mildew and have UV inhibitors. A textured surface and solid nibbed backing will help keep this deck mat from slipping.
  • If you want the mat or deck cover to have a softer look and feel, velour can be the right material for you to look into. The velour deck cover should be able to resist fading and should be made from a fine-quality material to prevent tearing. It should be made specifically for the vehicle, be it for the interior or rear deck, so that it will match the deck's contours and will keep the surface protected from dirt, water, and debris.
  • If you're looking into buying a carpet-type mat or cover, various options include 80/20 loop, cut pile, nylon loop, and tuxedo loop carpeting. Some are even made using tough polyester polycarpet materials. Good deck covers don't fade easily and have a solid loop construction that's UV-treated and crush-resistant. To keep them in place, they should have a non-slip base. Look for soft but durable, non-shrinking materials for a carpet deck mat.


  • There can be as much as 10 to 25 color options for the deck cover. Premium brands offer a large variety for the design and color pattern.
  • For the carpet, available colors include black, beige, caramel, navy, mocha, gray, and other shades. You can even find a smoked carpet design for the deck cover.
  • Velour deck mats come not just in plain colors. They're also available in different prints such as Hawaiian black, red and blue, animal prints (leopard, zebra, and cheetah), and fire patterns. If you want quirky designs or unique styles, look into these velour patterns and colors.
  • For vinyl deck mats, colors may range from black to denim.


  • The deck mat should be molded to fit the deck area of the vehicle. The accessory should be vehicle-specific for a precise fit, so there won't be trimming or any modification involved.


  • Prices of deck mats and covers may vary widely depending on the design, brand, use, and fit. Deck covers used on Jeep, for instance, can cost as much as 100USD, while common interior deck covers may be priced as low as around 35USD. Shop around and compare to get the most reasonably priced deck mat.