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Isuzu Articles

  • Isuzu and Its Century-old Dedication to ?reation without Compromise?Philosophy

    A century ago, Tokyo Ishikawajima Ship-building and Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. initiated plans to build automobiles. It then signed and kicked off a passenger production venture with British automaker, Wolseley Motor Ltd, and after four years, it released the first-ever passenger vehicle produced in Japan.the Wolseley A9.

    Fast forward to today and that partnership is now filling a very significant role in the industry as a manufacturer of not just passenger and light commercial vehicles but also race cars, buses, commercial trucks and vehicles, as well as diesel engines under the name Isuzu Motors Ltd. Despite many corporate ups and downs as well as global crisis and economic downfalls, the marque has managed to survive by staying focused on its .creation without compromise. philosophy.

    Here are some of Isuzu\'s remarkable contributions to the industry:

    Isuzu N-Series: Japan\'s best-selling light-duty trucks

    A line of light-duty trucks that debuted in the Japanese market in 1959, the Isuzu N-Series has been Japan\'s most registered cab-over truck of between two- and three-ton payloads. The 2012 model year was the 12th straight year this truck model has earned said recognition. Equipped with Isuzu\'s unparalleled diesel technology, up-to-date and heavy-duty Isuzu truck parts, excellent styling, economical operation, and excellent safety features, the N-Series was able to set new standards not only for fuel economy but for environmental impact as well.

    With the success of its current generation and cumulative production of more than five million units, it will be safe to say that the N Series has just added more years to its record as the nation\'s most registered vehicle of its kind and is continuously strengthening Isuzu\'s reputation in more than 100 countries across the globe.

    Wolseley CP truck: the grandfather of all Isuzu trucks

    There would be no Isuzu N-Series today without the Wolseley CP truck, the first domestically produced Japanese truck. This 1.5 payload truck, which was produced in the first half of 1920s, was also the brand\'s first truck model, making it the grandfather of all the Isuzu trucks seen on the roads today.

    Isuzu Bellet: one of Japan\'s most successful global exports

    Isuzu means .fifty bells,. and that\'s where the name of this subcompact car came from. Produced between 1963 and 1973, the Bellet was intended to be a replacement for the Isuzu Hillman Minx. It was available in four-door or two-door sedan versions. Isuzu offered a rare Bellet version, a two-door station wagon sold as a commercial vehicle and named it Bellett Express. There\'s an even rarer variant, a one-ton commercial model marketed as the Isuzu Wasp. The Bellett was said to be the first Isuzu to be exported to Europe and Sweden. It was also exported to Canada.

    Isuzu D-Max: the internationally branded Isuzu ute

    The D-Max has carried Isuzu into the new millennium and helped maintain its foothold in the international market. This award-winning ute transports passengers in comfort, and with its truck DNA, owners can also use it for towing and off-roading. Besides its highly-efficient diesel engine, the D-Max is also loaded with a long list of standard Isuzu auto parts and systems as well as all the latest features in active and passive safety.

    With the market success of current Isuzu models, it seems like loyal Isuzu customers will continue seeing them in the showrooms and on the roads in the coming years. When it comes to replacement and aftermarket Isuzu spare parts and Isuzu accessories, owners have nothing to worry about as they are widely available not only from dealerships but also in most auto-parts store online and offline.