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  • What to Do When the Heater Core of Your Isuzu Pickup Goes Bad

    The situation: you\'re in your Isuzu Pickup, driving around and literally going places, when a sweet scent suddenly permeated the air. Knowing evidently that it wasn\'t the air freshener you recently bought, you\'re left wondering what the smell means or where it\'s coming from. Quite simply, the saccharine smell is just one of several signs that coolant is now leaking into your pickup because your heater core has blown. Once this happens, there are no alternative solutions other than replacing it.

    Before all that happens, learning more about the heater core of your Isuzu Pickup could be the first step to saying goodbye to that sickly sweet smell.

    The basics

    First things first, what is a heater core and what makes it so vital? Located behind the dashboard, the heater core is part of your Isuzu Pickup\'s cooling system, responsible for your heater and defroster to function properly. It also looks like a mini radiator, with a grid of tiny tubes and fins that gives it a waffled appearance. The heater core circulates hot coolant from the car\'s engine through its small metal tubes, which causes the tubing to heat up, along with the fins on top of the heater core that also becomes hot. Meanwhile, fans placed behind the tubing and fins radiate heat into the cabin area of your Isuzu Pickup so you don\'t freeze during the winter.

    Other symptoms

    How do I confirm that my heater core has gone bad? As previously mentioned, the sweet aroma is the number one indicator when your heater core is oozing radiator fluid. You might also sniff the same sweet scent outside your Isuzu Pickup, which means some of the coolant already spilled on the ground.

    Apart from that, a sudden fog inside your Isuzu Pickup can be a sign that the heater core blew while you are driving and the engine is warm. The coolant that used to be inside a temperature-regulated system will hit the cooler air inside your pickup, thereby evaporating into steam. Note that this fog can affect the driver visibility and pulling over would be best.

    Meanwhile, if you find yourself replacing coolant more often, it could be another sign of a leaking heater core. The flowing probably happened while the system was cold; so instead of a fog, you will be getting a puddle, usually on the floor of the passenger side.

    Also, a chilly cabin, when paired with the other signs aforementioned, could also point to a problematic heater core. The temperature drops because all the tepid air you\'re supposed to be getting escapes even before reaching you. An overheating engine could also be due to a coolant leak somewhere, and the heater core just might be the culprit.

    Fixing the heater core

    Fixing and replacing the heater core can be a painstaking task. Because the heater core is all the way behind your Isuzu Pickup\'s dashboard, removal of said dashboard is necessary. Getting professionals to do it would cost a lot and doing it yourself would be the opposite of fun. Either way you choose to do it, opt for a high-quality replacement heater core so that it could last longer.