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Jeep CJ7 Parts And Jeep CJ7 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Jeep CJ7 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Jeep CJ7 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Jeep CJ7 Parts

Jeep CJ7 Articles

  • Fixing Your Jeep CJ7 for a Better Performance

    The Jeep CJ7 has gone a long way from its CJ5 and CJ6 predecessors but still not without some flaws and a room for improvement. It\'s more comfortable to drive and provides a safer feel when traversing rugged terrain though there have been complaints when it comes to axle failures and the cooling system. Those issues don\'t seem to stop enthusiasts though to find ways for a better off-road performance from their CJ7.

    Doing chemical coolant flushes for dire cooling systems

    Considering the age of the CJ7, it\'s not really that hard to imagine that rust build-up in the cooling system would occur more often and cause overheating problems. If the cooling system has been properly maintained all these years, then a couple of regular coolant flushes would already be enough to get rid of accumulated rust particles and sludge. Otherwise, chemical coolant flushes would be needed. It would be more work and could become expensive, but it still beats having to deal with complications that may arise from constant overheating because of a faulty cooling system.

    Managing the airflow

    Your engine won\'t just need proper water flow and coolant to remain at an acceptable temperature; it needs the airflow to be regulated as well. The Jeep CJ7 has a powerful engine and would need all the help it can get in order to show all that strength without having to be hampered with overheating. Make sure that the airway isn\'t blocked by dirt, debris, or even by other engine components. Your fan, no matter how efficient it is, can\'t really do much for your radiator if the airway is blocked. So clear the air\'s pathway and let the fan do what it\'s supposed to. Increasing the fan\'s speed could also significantly help the airflow, though it can cost you more power. But if overheating has really become a huge problem for you, then a bit more power going to your fan wouldn\'t be much of an issue.

    Staying on top of your AMC 20 rear axle

    Braking is already hard as it is with Jeeps, thus you don\'t want to worsen the situation by ignoring a leaky AMC 20 rear axle. You need to check up on your rear axle the moment a leak has started because if you don\'t, you would later on find your brake shoes saturated causing the marginal braking to get even worse. The problem most probably lies on the inner seal, which you will find to have gone bad already. Just replace the inner seal and you\'ll soon feel more comfort when braking; you don\'t even have to change the outer axle oil seal in the process. Don\'t forget to apply a bit of axle grease to the wheel bearings and to bleed the brakes as an added measure.

    Cooling system issues, as well as suspension problems, are already common with off-road vehicles. It just means that regular maintenance isn\'t just an option but a great responsibility. No terrain would be impossible to traverse by a vehicle that\'s properly equipped and well taken care of.