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Below you'll find a wide variety of Jeep Compass parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Jeep Compass to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • What Happens When the Jeep Compass Check Engine Light Is On?

    The Jeep Compass is a slight deviation from the more traditional Jeep designs that became popular through the years. The compact crossover SUV is one of Chrysler\'s bet in the entry-level sport utility vehicle segment. Its production began in 2006, but the first batches were introduced as 2007 models. In the Belvidere Assembly Plant, the Compass can be equipped with different powertrain combinations that included straight 4 gas and diesel engine blocks mated to either a manual or automatic gearbox.

    The purpose of the check engine light

    Modern vehicles like the Jeep Compass are equipped with advanced computer. The electronic devices are integrated to the powertrain and other systems to achieve better precision performance. It functions with the help of sensors that relays data on the current conditions of the components. The information is then interpreted to make careful calculations and adjustments.

    Now, the on-board diagnostic system is the one responsible for telling the driver and mechanic that there is something wrong with the vehicle. After receiving reports on inconsistencies within other systems, it would trigger warning lights found on the instrument panel. One of these prompts is the check engine light. This symbol is dreaded by most vehicle owners because it could possibly mean that they will have to spend a substantial amount of money to repair or replace a part within the powertrain system. But before being scared of the possibilities, the vehicle should be taken to a mechanic for an assessment. An OBD scanner would have to be plugged in the connector to be able to

    The possible problems when the check engine light is on

    Vehicles are truly meant to be used on the road. Keeping it parked for displace somehow defeats its purpose. However, as the ride is continually driven, parts would experience wear and tear. The magnitude and timing of problems manifestation depend on how often the vehicle is used and the road conditions where it is driven. Worn engine parts might lead to engine ticks and knocking sounds that can be bothersome to the driver. There are times when this is accompanied by an illuminated check engine light. This can be caused by damaged components inside the engine block, bad or incompatible fuel, misfires, and a few other reasons. When these signs are neglected, it would eventually cause the engine to stall. The best thing to do during these times is to have the vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic. The situation can be misdiagnosed if the person checking is not equipped with the proper tools.

    Possible repairs and remedies to switch off the check engine light

    Once the Jeep Compass is brought to a repair shop, the mechanic can have a careful assessment of the situation. The expert will have to take note of the codes reported by the scanner and might have to take the engine apart to look closer at the parts. From there, it can be determined if any part will have to be replaced or repaired. The engine might then be picked out of the bay to begin the rehabilitation process. By the time the vehicle rolls out of the shop, the check engine light should be gone.