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Jeep Grand Wagoneer Parts And Jeep Grand Wagoneer Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Jeep Grand Wagoneer parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Jeep Grand Wagoneer to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Parts

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  • The Best and Worst Features of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    If there is one vehicle that would unite the United States of America, it would be the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. This automotive icon has been owned and loved by people from different walks of life, from fashion magnate Ralph Lauren to that friendly car enthusiast in your neighborhood. Its look is timeless.until now, you will still see it being used by characters on TV and in the movies. The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is easy to recognize: simply look for the woodgrain-effect vinyl and the clean Brooks Stevens-penned lines. But is the so-called \"unrivaled\" station wagon really all that? If you are in the market for a restored Grand Wagoneer, here are a couple things you should know about it.

    It is an off-road warrior

    Just like most Jeeps, the Grand Wagoneer is an excellent vehicle for off-road adventures, particularly because it was built from the ground up as a 4x4. Aside from that, the frame rails completely cover up the running gear, and the gear itself is solidly built. Whether you drive on a snowy road, a muddy path, or a bumpy trail, you can expect the Jeep Grand Wagoneer to perform admirably. If you stop on a steep incline, you can still start and accelerate easily up the hill. No matter how rough the road, all four wheels will stay on the ground as if you are driving on a new concrete highway.

    It chugs a lot of gas

    Given its size, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer loves gas and has a fuel economy of 13 miles per gallon on average. However, you can improve its fuel economy with some modifications. A simple and very effective way to do this is to install fuel economy instrumentation. There are plug-and-play tools like these that work well with old vehicles like the Grand Wagoneer. This computer provides instant fuel consumption feedback that you can reset each trip, and this could help improve your driving habits and evaluate your vehicle\'s performance. You should also consider removing extra parts that are on your SUV like the roof rack, which can significantly lower your vehicle\'s highway speeds. If you really need this accessory, at least consider getting one that\'s removable so you could detach it when you don\'t need to use it.

    Other pros and cons you should know

    The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is indeed grand in terms of size and can hold five adults in the cabin and several luggage or groceries in the rear compartment and can still tow a boat or RV. Plus, with the four-wheel anti-lock brakes and four-wheel drive, you can drive this vehicle anywhere at anytime and with anybody. However, the Grand Wagoneer lacks one crucial safety is equipped with an air bag but on the driver\'s side only. Another annoyance that can be alarming include a gas pedal that is small and narrow and tends to bump up against the drivetrain tunnel. However, you could modify this if you can invest in a new braking system.