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  • How to Fix the Jeep Scrambler "Death Wobble"

    The Jeep CJ-8 or \"Scrambler\" is a long wheel-base version of the iconic Jeep CJ-7 truck that was manufactured between 1981 and 1986. And like its predecessor, the Jeep Scrambler suffered from what the Jeep community members dubbed as the \"death wobble\".

    If you owned a Jeep Scrambler, you may have experienced the death wobble at least once when driving your truck. This phenomenon, wherein the front axle suddenly vibrates violently, causes the car\'s four wheels or the car itself to start shaking or wobbling to the point that the truck becomes hard to control, posing a dangerous situation for you, your passengers, and other people on the road.

    What causes the wobble?

    Diagnosing the cause of a Jeep Scrambler death wobble can be challenging given that the phenomenon is generally due to one or more of the Jeep\'s various steering and suspension components being out of balance. Misaligned wheels or a stabilizer bar is among the common culprits pointed by Scrambler owners who experienced the death wobble, while others claim it to be caused by unbalanced tires. There have also been instances of the vibrations due to worn ball joints, causing one wheel to move from side to side independently from its counterpart on the opposite side.

    Why is the problem exclusive in Jeeps?

    The death wobble is almost exclusive to Jeeps, particularly in older models such as the Scrambler. One of the reasons is that Jeeps have a coil-spring with a track bar suspension setup, while many experts also attribute the propensity of Jeep models that are lifted, modified, or installed with aftermarket track bars. The wobble is especially common with Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and the Wrangler variants, although there have also been several incidents involving Jeep Scrambler models.

    How do I fix the wobble?

    If your Jeep Scrambler is suffering from death wobble, the first step you should take is to identify the source of the wobble. To do that, you will have to eliminate the common causes one by one until you find it. It can be quite an exhausting experience, but it remains the best method.

    You can begin by doing a quick visual inspection under the front end of the vehicle, taking particular note of the metal parts that are not supposed to move around such as shiny or damaged steel surfaces. Check if all the bolts of the front track bar are tightened properly and if the tires are balanced and inflated to the recommended psi set by the manufacturer. If you just had your Jeep\'s wheels aligned or balanced or you had a lift kit installed, consider taking your car back to the shop and verify if the balance and alignment is still correct.

    Another place that you should check in your Jeep Scrambler is the front wheel bearings. Using a jack, lift the front tires of the ground, grab the top and bottom of the tires and try to wiggle it back and forth. If you notice any kind of lateral movement, it likely indicates worn bearings that need to be replaced.