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KIA Articles

  • Top Technologies Found in Kia Vehicles Today

    Kia is largely recognized for its affordable, fuel efficient vehicles, but the South Korean automaker is more than just that. In fact, Kia is one of the leaders in the automotive industry in terms of technology. Each Kia vehicle, right down to its individual Kia parts and Kia accessories, incorporates current-generation technology to ensure a safe, efficient ride every time.

    If you own or are planning on getting a Kia car, here are some of the technologies to expect in your vehicle:

    Active System ABS

    Like most vehicles on the road today, Kia vehicles are equipped with an anti-lock braking system that prevents the brakes from locking up. However, unlike standard ABS, Kia\'s also incorporates other supporting technologies to enhance its capabilities. These technologies include the electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), which automatically optimizes the distribution of braking power between the front and rear wheels depending on the vehicle\'s weight, the traction control system (TCS) that prevents the wheels and other related Kia parts from slipping when moving from a stationary position, and the brake assist system (BAS), which instantaneously boosts braking power in the event of an emergency to shorten the braking distance. In addition, the brakes in Kia vehicles are also complemented with the vehicle dynamic control (VDC) system, which actively manages engine torque and brakes during sudden turns and stops to maintain stability.

    Advanced Smart Cruise Control

    The Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ACC) is the next-generation version of the standard radar-based cruise control found in most Kia cars today. The system is a set of Kia auto parts that perform the same function as that of a car\'s cruise control but with the added feature of detecting the stopping and restarting movements of the vehicle and front and causes the car to brake or restart accordingly. Once the driver activates ASCC, the car goes on automatic drive and drives at a set speed. When the ASCC detects a vehicle in front of the car, it activates the brake to ensure a safe distance. And once the vehicle ahead stops or restarts, the ASCC is in step to stop or restart the car accordingly.

    ISG (Idle Stop & Go)

    The ISG automatically kills the engine once the car comes to a stop after reaching speeds of 8 km/h or higher and immediately reignites the engine once the car restarts. This enables the car to save more on fuel and cuts emissions by minimizing unnecessary fuel consumption, particularly on city roads wherein stop-and-go-driving is frequent. And because it prevents sharp starts and stops, it also puts less stress on the engine components, increasing their service life and keeping car owners from purchasing pricey replacement Kia parts online.

    The Active Eco System

    Another group of Kia performance parts also makes up the Active Eco System in Kia cars. This system proactively controls part of the engine, transmission, and air conditioning system to ensure optimum fuel economy through a variety of ways. These include limiting torque when accelerating, optimizing the AC compressor\'s duration of operation, and preventing unnecessary acceleration.