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  • Five Key Technologies That Drive Lamborghini

    Lamborghini . it\'s a car that everyone wants but only a few actually have. But Lamborghini\'s sports cars aren\'t just about having expensive leather interiors or Lamborghini parts assembled by hand. In fact, a large part of what makes Lamborghini vehicles superior in both performance and style is that they incorporate the latest automotive technologies available.

    Here are some key technologies that make Lamborghini cars superior on the road:

    Driving Dynamics

    According to Lamborghini, driving dynamics is crucial in the development of its sports cars. After all, no matter how powerful the engine is or how aerodynamic is the outer shell it, the driver will still not have an enjoyable driving experience if the car suffers from understeering or loses control of the rear wheels when accelerating. Because of this, Lamborghini engineers make sure that the suspension and drivetrain components are a perfect match to each other, ensuring maximum control a sportive driving style.

    Lamborghini vehicles are also installed with a state-of-the-art suspension system based on those used in professional motorsports. Pushrod suspensions are utilized, with double wishbones and bellcrank to actuate the internal, vertically integrated spring and damper unit. This layout of suspension-related Lamborghini parts significantly cuts down on unsprung mass, improves aerodynamics, and provides smoother direct steering performance.


    Today, all Lamborghini sports cars are fitted with a carbon fiber monocoque, with each component made of multiple layers of carbon fiber saturated in a special resin blend. These carbon fiber parts are also hardened in a pressurized autoclave to give them its additional strength. The carbon fiber shell is further supported with aluminum frames, which are used to install various Lamborghini car parts like the engine or axles and are attached to the front and rear. This combination gives the vehicle a significant reduction in weight while increasing its torsion resistance.


    The signature look of Lamborghini cars are more than just to make a statement as they are also designed to ensure all the parts of the car\'s exterior . from the front bumper to the rear wing . are in harmony with one another. Lamborghini\'s patented intelligent rear wing, for example, extends only when the car reaches mid range speeds and high speeds to ensure maximum grip. All this results in better acceleration, increased cornering speeds, and lower fuel consumption in the long run.


    Aside from an aerodynamic shell and light weight, what really makes the Lamborghini a dominating sports car is its powertrain. Lamborghini vehicles are packed with some of the most powerful production engines in the market today. Its flagship model, for example, is fitted with a V12 engine that can reach 0 to 100 kph in 2.9 seconds. In addition, all Lamborghini vehicles are outfitted with an all-wheel drive to ensure the throttle is being transferred perfectly onto the road.


    The design concepts and technologies in Lamborghinis are continued in the interior, with hexagonal and trapezoidal designs to catch the eye. In addition, the interior can also be customized with Lamborghini accessories, which can be purchased at dealerships or on the Internet along with Lamborghini parts online.