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Thinking of upgrading your car's lighting assemblies? Then get your hands on an LED bulb. If you think that LED lights are only meant for luxury rides, think again. With more and more people looking for alternative car lighting options, LED lights are slowly becoming mainstream products. What started out as innovative lighting for luxury vehicles is now becoming a built-in feature in many medium- and lower-priced vehicles. As a matter of fact, many new car buyers are choosing vehicles with LED lights. Aside from the minimalist and high-tech vibe LEDs provide, they also offer other benefits. Here are the reasons why LED bulbs are a good investment:

Longer lifespan

Compared to a halogen or xenon bulb, an LED bulb has a longer lifespan. This bulb can actually last from 35,000 to 50,000 hours. This is because LED diodes have a lower energy output. They also don't burn out like regular automotive lights because they don't rely on a breakable filament. Instead, they use diodes that slowly fade after years of use.

Perfect for customization

Because an LED bulb is smaller and more compact, it's easier to arrange into a certain design or structure without losing efficiency. This is why if you want headlights that you can easily customize, LEDs are a good bet.


Compared to other bulb types, an LED bulb is more durable because it doesn't contain glass. This is why it's more resistant to shock, vibrations, and other external elements that could easily damage a regular headlight bulb. And because of their increased durability and reliability, LEDs make great lights for vehicles that are constantly exposed to extreme weather and temperatures.

Better light dispersion

The light coming from LED bulbs can be designed to focus on a specific location without the help of an external reflector. This results in improved efficiency that can't be provided by conventional automotive lights. So if you want better light dispersion to a specific location, a well-designed LED system is a sound investment.

Brighter light

Compared to regular halogen light bulbs, LEDs can produce a brighter light, making them perfect when driving during harsh weather.

Faster switching

LED lights reach maximum brightness faster than traditional lights. This makes them the perfect candidates for a signal light upgrade. Frequent on and off switching won't affect the bulbs' lifespan and quality, something that's unfortunately common in more traditional car lights.

Easy to maintain

Because LED lights rarely burn out, they only need to be replaced when damaged during a collision. This makes them very easy to maintain even for first-time LED lights users.

Now you might think that LED lights are crazy expensive. But actually, they're more budget-friendly if you think about their many advantages. You might have to shell out more during purchase than when buying a conventional halogen light, but the benefits an LED bulb offers will help you save money in the long run. Plus, with LEDs installed, your vehicle gets a more modern vibe without you having to modify any other component aside from the lighting assemblies.