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Lexus IS250 Parts And Lexus IS250 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Lexus IS250 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Lexus IS250 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Lexus IS250 Parts

Lexus IS250 Articles

  • Lexus IS250: Understanding Its Rearview Mirror Discoloration

    The rearview mirror isn\'t just installed to make sure that you have eye contact while chatting with your friends in the backseat, but more importantly, its purpose is to prevent you from getting into an accident. You need to be able to see what\'s behind you as you drive without compromising your view of what\'s in front of you. It is especially helpful in backing up and doing turns, which would help you avoid bumping onto other vehicles or prevent you from running someone over while in reverse.

    Any dirt or discoloration on the rearview mirror hampers its capability to ward off too much light or provide you with a clear view of what\'s in the back. So if the rearview mirror of your Lexus IS250 became discolored or has acquired some dark areas or patches, you might want to get a handle of it right away before it gets serious or before you end up getting into an accident.

    Worn-out rearview mirror

    The rearview mirror is probably the last thing you expect to have to replace; because unlike your tires, or car fluids, the rearview mirror doesn\'t even move or process anything at all. So how on earth will it become discolored, or acquire dark spots, patches, or streaks? Believe it or not, those symptoms indicate that your mirror is somewhat worn out already and ideally, would need to be replaced. The rearview mirror may already have deteriorated up to the point wherein it has begun to leak its auto-dim fluid.

    The cause of the discoloration or dark areas

    The discoloration you see on your rearview mirror is caused by the tampered auto-dim fluid. The fluid that enables your mirror to become extra reflective has been disturbed in some way, which has resulted to leaks. The leaking auto-dim fluid spreads out inside your rearview mirror and as your car moves, the fluid also moves inside it. Thus, dark spots or streaks are created from the constant fluid movement.

    Auto-dim fluid

    The auto-dim fluid found inside the rearview mirror is highly corrosive and could cause serious damage on your dashboard, console, upholstery, and pretty much anything it touches in your interior. If your rearview mirror has already become discolored, then you should immediately have it fixed or replaced. Don\'t wait for the auto-dim fluid to start leaking and cause you more problems than what you initially have.

    You can have the rearview mirror fixed by getting the fluid drained completely. Afterwards, you can either have the fluid replenished and sealed-in properly, or just keep your rearview mirror without the fluid and no longer having the auto-dim property. Either way, you\'re going to have to part with your car for a bit if you\'re going to have the rearview mirror fixed, as it is quite troublesome to drive without one. Replacement is easier, though of course, more expensive. Brand new ones would cost you at least a hundred bucks, so you\'re going to have to think hard on whether you\'d like an auto-dimming mirror for a replacement or an ordinary one instead. Another option would be to look at used rearview mirrors; just make sure that you examine it properly for possible cracks, or leaks.