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Lexus ls400 Parts And Lexus ls400 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Lexus LS400 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Lexus LS400 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Lexus ls400 Articles

  • Experiencing Front Suspension Noises in Your Lexus LS400? Here's What to Do

    The Lexus LS400 is the granddaddy of all Lexus vehicles, being the first production model that rolled out of the marque\'s production plant in 1989. Designed as a world class luxury sedan, where the model got its acronym from, the LS 400 was one of the most exquisite cars of its era. But with the last LS400 rolling out from Lexus\' production lines in Tahara, Japan more than 15 years ago, time has made maintaining these prestigious vehicles a bit more challenging.

    The LS400\'s front suspension has been known to make noticeable clunking and squeaking sounds when hitting bumps and braking. Such noises from the front suspension of the Lexus LS400 are typically a normal sign of wear and aging, but they can indicate serious problems. And if you encounter such issues with your LS sedan, here are some steps to take:

    Try to find the source of the noise.

    If you have no idea where in the front end suspension the noise is coming from, pop open the hood and, with the help of a friend, push up and down on the bumper or fender repeatedly. While this is being done, listen carefully and examine the upper strut mounts and control arm joints. If you\'re still having difficulty pinpointing the noise, roll underneath your car while it is bouncing up and down. Be sure, however, to wear protective gear to prevent possible injury while the car bounces up and down above you.

    Another simple way to determine the source of suspension noise is through the so-called \"dry park check\". Have someone sit in the driver\'s seat, turn the key to unlock the steering column, and rock the steering wheel vigorously from side to side while you monitor the steering components for abnormal swaying that causes the noise.

    Pay close attention to the struts.

    While a general inspection of the LS400\'s front suspension parts is essential in finding the root cause of any squeak or squeal, it still pays to take extra time to look at the struts. Worn struts and shocks are the common culprits for suspension noises, as worn internal hydraulics can cause the piston to stop short and hit a bump. Loose and dried-out strut bushings are another usual source of suspension noises. Sedans frequently driven in coastal areas or cold climates often suffer from squeaky struts due to corrosion caused by salty air or road salt.

    Replacing any worn strut components can often silence the noises, although in a worst case scenario you will have to replace the entire strut assembly in the front end. In such cases, you may want to consider if spending a significant amount of money in replacement parts and mechanic\'s fees is worth it, or you just let your aging sedan for retire.

    Consider lubricating the suspension parts.

    If you and your mechanic can\'t find any serious problems with your car\'s suspension aside from getting along in the years, perhaps a bit of grease here and there should fix the problem. In many instances, suspension noise boils down to a lack of lubrication between two of its moving parts. Start by greasing the fittings on the ball joints, sway bar end-links and steering links; the noises should fade significantly after this. If the rubber isolators on top the coil springs have dried out, use a paint brush and slather the isolators and the coil springs themselves with grease. Take note, however, that once the isolators have dried to the point of squeaking, they will dry out again over time and must be replaced.