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They aren't that expensive and they don't have a huge impact on the vehicle's appearance and performance, but over the years, thieves have been targeting the vehicle's license plates. So what could be the reason for this? Well these criminals use the stolen license plates on their vehicles so that they can drive without paying the necessary taxes, permits, and insurance premiums. This is now an alarming problem, and the only thing vehicle owners can do is to outfit their ride with theft-deterrent features. It is important to make sure these burglars will really have a difficult time taking the license plate off the vehicle. One way you can do that is to use an excellent-quality license plate fastener.

When searching for new fasteners, here are some of the things you should look into for you to make a practical purchase:

Type of fastener

Fasteners for the license plate come in all shapes and designs and are made from different types of materials and finishes. The choices range from simple stainless steel self-tapping screws to metric nylon fasteners and caps to strobe license plate fasteners. There are also SAE fasteners, push-in type license plate nuts, metric fasteners, and many other choices.

When it comes to the design, you can base your choice on the license plate itself, particularly if you're using a vanity plate. Make sure the design of the license plate fastener will complement the customized looks of the plate and the vehicle's overall design theme. Luxurious vehicles can be fitted with fasteners that come with diamond accent or bling. Drivers of rugged vehicles also have a myriad of fasteners to select from.

Part compatibility

Of course, it is important that the license plate fastener you'll get is compatible with or matches the mounting holes in the license plate and the mounting points in the vehicle, or else it won't be as effective in doing its job of keeping the license plate in place.

Anti-theft feature

Again, with the increasing incidents of license plate theft, it is just practical to purchase an anti-theft license plate fastener that can't easily be unscrewed and removed with just about any type of wrench, screwdrivers, or other tools. Such fastener, which is usually offered as a set including nuts, washers, and bolts, can only be loosened using the custom wrench that's included in the set. By using it, your license plate can only be easily removed by the one who has the custom wrench. If the thieves really insist on stealing your plate even with anti-theft fastener installed, then they'll have a hard time doing that, and chances are good that someone will see them before they can take off even just one of the bolts.

These are just some of the factors you should look into when buying new license plate fastener. For most drivers, other important considerations are the price of the fastener and their budget. There are also people who give consideration on whether the fastener can be covered for a more customized look.