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No need to go big on your car makeover and decoration. A custom license plate frame may be enough to show the world your fun side or what interests or style you prefer. The frame for the license plate can have a colorful or design-filled border. You can also put words on the frame. There are actually a good number of designs that you can choose from. The frame can be personalized or may be used as a cosmetic accent for the exterior. It can also be used for promoting activities or other stuff that's important to you. In any case, you have to pick a frame that not only matches the paint and style of your vehicle but also your personality or interests.

When shopping for a license plate frame for your vehicle, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • First off, you have to find out if the state you're in or the locality where you drive or live allows the use of license plate frames. In some states, these accessories are deemed illegal. To be sure, check the DMV website and look for advisories in your state. If it's legal, check what size of frame is acceptable and see other guidelines concerning the use of the frame.if the frame can be customized and what parts of the plate can be covered by the frame.
  • Look at as many frame styles and designs as you can before you make your choice. By browsing through the available style options, you'll get an idea what kind of frame you're looking for and what type of decorations or prints you want to have.
  • Consider buying a pre-made customizable license plate frame if you want to add phrases, names, or just about any string of words that matters to you. This frame has movable letters that you can use to customize the print on the need to buy a new frame in case you change your mind and want to reword whatever's written on it.
  • Check out the different options for a frame. Aside from the various designs, graphics, and patterns, you should also take a look at the different shades and color combination available, as well as consider the material used such as metal and plastic. Some custom frames let you mix and match to create the style you have in mind.
  • Consider adding LED lights to the frame's border. This can be done by a DIYer or by a pro at a custom car shop. Before you add any accessory to the license plate frame, remember to first consult the guidelines in your state through the DMV website.

How to add a frame to the license plate

Step 1: Take out the license plate to fit this into the frame. You have to undo the mounting bolts securing the tag to the bumper. Frames may use tabs on the bottom part to secure the plate. They have a couple of screw holes for holding the top in place. Other frames, however, are designed with four screw holes.

Step 2: Fasten the tag with the frame around it. The bolts must be lined up on the screw holes in the frame, making sure that they're aligned with the holes of the license plate. Once everything is in place, the bolts must be screwed into the bumper's threaded fittings.

Note: See to it that the license plate frame won't shroud the tag's registration stickers.