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Since they are smaller and have fewer pairs of lights installed, motorcycles are usually less visible on the road than almost all types of vehicles. This is especially true at night and during dark driving conditions.

If you want your motorcycle to be more noticeable and you're planning to upgrade the existing lights or install additional lighting on your motorcycle by using a light kit, here are some factors to consider for your ride to stay street legal and safer for use on the road:

Federal lighting requirements

The common law governing the use of headlights on motor vehicles states that they shouldn't be installed more than 54 inches and less than 22 inches above the ground. Blue or red headlights or beacon lights are also illegal for use, according to federal law.

The motorcycle rear lights should include brake lights as well as daytime and night running lights. While the rear lights' red color may vary, you have to make sure that the brake lights included in the light kit you're planning to purchase is clearly visible not only at night but also during the day.

If you're thinking of installing turn signals, bear in mind that they should only be yellow or white in color. Additional motorcycle lights, on the other hand, should not produce beam that's more than 300 candle power in intensity and reach a point farther than 75 feet from the vehicle. Auxiliary lights should not flash or conduct alternate lighting.

Local/State laws

Before getting a light kit to upgrade your motorcycle's lights, it's also important to make sure that it meets local laws. So, do a research first on the motorcycle lighting laws in your state and consider these when choosing a kit. States like Washington and California have stricter laws compared to other states. Moreover, the states you are in may have specific laws other states don't implement. You can call your state's Department of Transportation to know the motorcycle lighting laws in the state you are living in.

If you're frequently driving from one state to another, it's also wise to know the laws on the states you visit so you won't get tickets when you get there.

Compatibility with the motorcycle

For the light kit and the lights included on it to work well, they should be compatible with your motorcycle. Incompatibility can render your newly purchased lights useless because you may not be able to install the lights properly. So, they also won't work well and there's a possibility that they'll fall off the motorcycle the moment you drive fast.

Motorcycle's looks

Of course, it is important that the components of the light kit that you'll get will look great on your motorcycle. The light should look fantastic by itself and even more attractive when already installed in the motorcycle. If you've ordered online, check the kit for factory defects once it arrives at your doorstep and let the merchant know as soon as possible if you find any damage. Remember that unsightly, defective lights have no place in your precious ride.