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Lincoln Articles

  • Why Lincoln is a Class of its Own

    Automobile brands are about as prolific as the cars that roving the roads today, but when it comes to opulence and luxury, one brand that stands out is Lincoln. Best known for its Continental and Town Car lineup of luxury sedans, the Lincoln brand has been providing luxury vehicles and limousines since 1917. Today, Lincoln remains as one of the dominant brands in the luxury sector, setting the standard with its high quality Lincoln parts as well as for its sleek, stylish designs.

    Power and technology

    While Lincoln cars are certainly elegant, that is only part of what makes them successful. In fact, Lincoln\'s vehicle lineup is also one of the most technically advanced on the road, incorporating Lincoln auto parts and technologies not found in other vehicle marques.

    From its sedans to SUVs, Lincoln\'s vehicles come packed with a lot of bleeding edge technology. Some of these are functional, such as the Active Park/Park Out Assist, which uses ultrasonic sensors that automatically finds and steers the vehicle to suitable parking spots, while others provide added convenience like the MyLincoln Touch, which allows the driver to access important information via an 8-inch touch screen on the center stack. In addition, Lincoln vehicles also utilize the latest innovations from its partners in the industry, including highly efficient EcoBoost powertrain and the SYNC multimedia interface system.

    The Lincoln Black Label

    One of the perks exclusive to Lincoln Car owners is opting for the Lincoln Black Label, a set of high-end luxury themes, which Lincoln itself described as .an ownership experience designed to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning luxury client.. These themes provide significant changes on the car\'s interior, particularly in the seats, cabin, headliner, and trim. The already high-quality materials used in the interior are replaced with even more luxurious materials, such specialty Venetian leather, premium Alcantara synthetic suede substitute, and authentic wooden accents, by expert craftsmen. Lincoln accessories such built-in modems, welcome mats, and ambient lighting can also be added for additional style and function.

    And if that\'s not all, Black Label members also have the privilege of having a premium maintenance plan, complimentary car washes, and annual detailing on their vehicles, as well as exclusive access to a dedicated Lincoln liaison, pickup and delivery of the vehicle for service and maintenance needs, and even a curated list of restaurants in the US which provide extra amenities to Lincoln Black Label members.

    Presidential cars

    There\'s probably no better testament to the class and opulence of Lincoln cars than its long history of providing official state limousines for the US president. As of 2015, Lincoln has manufactured six presidential limousines, starting with the 1939 .Sunshine Special. used by Franklin D. Roosevelt and with the most recent being the 1989 Town Car for George H. W. Bush. These limousines are specially built, being outfitted with thick armor plating, bulletproof glass, a powerful V8 engine and a custom transmission to hold all that additional weight. Today, all six models are retired and housed in museums and presidential libraries across the US.