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Below you'll find a wide variety of Lincoln LS parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Lincoln LS to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Does Your Lincoln LS Need an Air Conditioning Recharge?

    Lincoln LS owners often take the air conditioning system of their car for granted, given the high degree of sophistication and quality of the sedan. But even cars as classy as the Lincoln LS need to have their A/Cs maintained on a regular basis. And a huge chunk of the A/C maintenance regimen is spent on recharging the refrigerant.

    The A/C of the Lincoln LS, which runs on a highly pressurized closed loop system, keeps the refrigerant from escaping, but the gas does tend to diminish over time. Leaks along the system caused by rust or a collision against a hard object on the road can also cause gas to escape. Either way, once enough refrigerant is lost, it must be recharged as soon as possible to ensure the A/C continuously pumps out cool air from the vents.

    When to recharge the A/C

    Arguably the best telltale sign that the air conditioning system in your Lincoln LS needs recharging is when the A/C starts to blow warm air instead of cold. While it does take time for the A/C to cool down the entire cabin, the process should only take a couple of minutes. So if you find yourself sweating even after the A/C has been turned on for nearly half an hour, the refrigerant may no longer be enough to sustain the system. Intermittent cooling performance can also indicate low refrigerant levels.


    Keep your ears open for any whirring sounds when you switch the A/C on. Under normal operating conditions, the A/C\'s fan and compressor should produce an audible sound. So if the A/C remains silent when turned on, the problem may lie with the broken fan or compressor.

    Another sign that the A/C may be losing its juice is that the defroster is no longer clearing up foggy windows. The Lincoln makes use of the A/C to dehumidify the air inside the cabin, so once there\'s not enough refrigerant in the lines, the defroster will not work as it should.

    Recharging the A/C

    Ideally, you should have the car recharged by a professional technician. Aside from ensuring the A/C is charged fully and effectively, the technician will be able to spot any leak in the system that is invisible to the naked eye using special equipment. However, if you are confident that there is no leak in your A/C and that your LS simply needs topping up, you can recharge the refrigerant using a portable refrigerant dispenser kit. Sold in most auto parts and hardware stores, the kit consists of a pressure gauge and trigger-based dispenser that delivers canned refrigerant to the refrigerant fill port at the side of the compressor. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions that come with the kit.

    What type of refrigerant should you buy?

    There are currently two major types of automotive refrigerant sold in the market-the R-12 and the R-134a. For the Lincoln LS, you will need the R-134a refrigerant. Make sure not to mix up these two types, as the R-12 is only meant for vehicles manufactured before 1994 and is toxic when handled improperly.