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Lincoln Mkz Parts And Lincoln Mkz Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Lincoln MKZ parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Lincoln MKZ to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Lincoln Mkz Articles

  • Lincoln MKZ: Common Problems and Fixes

    The Lincoln MKZ is a mid-size luxury car that is popular for providing a sporty yet comfortable ride, great speed and power, and overall handling and appearance. What amazes most of the drivers are the heated or cooled seats that give you extra comfort during hot or cold seasons. However, just like any other luxury car, your Lincoln MKZ might have problems that can surface over time. Here are some common problems and fixes of your Lincoln MKZ.

    Delayed shifting

    The best time to check your transmission is right after you start the engine. A transmission without a problem should engage immediately after a gear is selected. But if you find it difficult to shift your gear or if you\'re experiencing a delay in engagement, then you should address these problems right away. Check your transmission fluid and replenishment the reservoir if needed. You should use the correct and high-quality transmission fluid for best results. The common causes of this delayed engagement aside from the lack of fluid include sticking valves, torque converter, and clogged filter. It is always suggested to have them checked by a qualified mechanic to provide better diagnosis and solutions to this kind of problem.

    Additionally, you can avoid this delay by not revving up the engine too much. It is a good practice to allow time for the transmission to engage to prevent unwanted problems. As much as possible, lessen the back and forth gear shifting to prevent the transmission from overheating. And also, avoid behaviors and habit that can strain the transmission over time.

    Power steering fluid reservoir leak

    Check if the power steering fluid reservoir has enough amount of fluid. If not, then fill up the reservoir and check if there are leaks. It is very dangerous to drive your Lincoln MKZ when the fluid is very low because it could damage the entire power steering system due to metal particles that enter the system and can eventually cause an internal failure to the steering rack, valve body, and the steering gear box. You can find the leak commonly at each end of the steering rack. If this happened, all you need to do is to replace the whole steering rack. You may also find the leaks in pump seal, and power steering line. It is highly recommended to replace the entire pump instead of repairing to save time and effort.

    Power steering hose leaks

    The hose transmits the high-pressure power steering fluid between the pump and the rack. A quick way to know if you have a hose leak is when you smell burning oil under your Lincoln MKZ\'s hood. You can fix this by engaging the emergency brake and put the gear in park, then lift the hood while the engine is on. You can easily see the leak because it is probably sprouting out of the hole in the hose. Remember not to drive your Lincoln MKZ when you have a hose leak because this can fire up your car instantly. Cut the damaged part of the hose and connect the hose using a brass. If you\'re not sure how to repair the leak by yourself, do not perform the task. Ask a trained mechanic to help you figure things out. He might suggest to replace the hose instead of just repairing it.