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Below you'll find a wide variety of Lincoln Navigator parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Lincoln Navigator to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Lincoln Navigator: Common Issues of the Luxury SUV

    Lincoln launched its first full-size, four-wheel-drive luxury SUV in 1997 when it introduced the Lincoln Navigator. Although bearing similar features, platform, and equipment to those on the Ford Expedition released a year ahead, Lincoln\'s four-door SUV still stood out with its upscale exterior and interior styling, along with other unique equipment on board. The line of the Lincoln Navigator continues to be in production, but so are the various issues found in the other model years. Here are the common problems you may experience when driving the Lincoln Navigator other users have already complained about.

    Air suspension leakage

    Owners of a Lincoln Navigator often complain about the SUV riding low and unable to rise. There are also instances when the check air suspension indicator light up. If you drive a Navigator, then you would have figured out by now that a leaking air suspension is a common issue in this vehicle. This problem also normally occurs during cold temperature, which is a major factor to be considered if the SUV will be driven in areas in cold weather.

    A leakage in the air bag does not sound too serious, but this can cause major discomfort when you are driving on the road. It can even affect the drivability of your vehicle and may result in a road accident. This is reason enough consumers must treat this problem with high regard. Replacing the seal and the upper mount should prevent air from leaking out, but keep in mind that there are other components that must be checked or replaced to ensure that the air suspension does not leak anymore.

    Rusted deployable running boards

    Having power running boards gives your Lincoln Navigator a more luxurious appeal, but these can often be the cause of more problems. Consumers have already reported cases where the support structure have completely rusted through. Not only do these boards become unstable when stepped on, they also have the tendency to break off, especially with a bad case of corrosion. This makes it dangerous for passengers to use it when getting inside and outside the vehicle. Moreover, the rusted components cause the boards to deploy even when driving on the road. This is completely unsafe and may even lead to minor and major accidents.

    Unfortunately, a recall for the models suffering from this problem is elusive. This forces owners to either repair the rusted deployable running boards or replace them with new ones. The original power running boards for the Lincoln Navigator, however, are expensive. Making the matters worse is that there are rarely running board replacements for this SUV.

    Wiper motor malfunction

    The 2000 and 2001 Lincoln Navigators were among the models that were recalled by Ford in 2001. The reason behind this recall was the problematic wiper motor gear case. According to reports, the wiper motor tends to malfunction and overheat, causing the wipers to stop working properly. The recall was intended to have the wiper motor checked and the gear case cover replaced. The best solution to this problem is to replace all the affected components. The replacement must be done immediately to avoid further problems on and off the road.