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Liquid Transfer Tank

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Planning on transporting liquids from point A to point B? Then you need a liquid tank, a transfer tank that's designed to safely carry and transport all types of liquid, from potable water to fuel. But before you buy one, make sure that what you get is something worth investing in. To help you make the most of your budget, here are some things to consider:

Product application

The best type of liquid tank depends on your purpose. Whether you're planning to carry or transport flammable liquids or plain old water, there's definitely a tank for your needs. If you're planning on transporting fuel or other types of flammable liquid, make sure that the tank is designed to handle such liquid products. Keep in mind that some tanks are versatile, while some are not and can handle either only flammable liquid or only non-flammable liquid.


The most durable tanks are those made of stainless steel. However, an aluminum liquid tank is enough as long as it's made from high-grade aluminum that won't rust or corrode even when regularly exposed to damaging elements.


For ultimate durability, you'll want a liquid transfer tank that's covered in a powder coat finish. This extra coating helps prevent corrosion and will definitely keep the tank in top condition even after years of use. Plus, a high-quality finish will also make cleaning and maintenance easy since the tank won't easily get scratched or dented.

Mounting options

Since a liquid tank is usually placed in the bed of a truck, you'll want something that won't easily slide away or fall off especially when the road gets bumpy. This is why it's best to opt for a tank with steel flanges or a bolt-on type. These types come with complete mounting kits to make installation a breeze.

Other features

Aside from product application, material and finish type, and mounting options, you'll also want to consider a liquid transfer tank's other features such as lockable caps (very important if you're transferring precious fuel), reinforced bungs (for improved stability), a vented cap (to prevent pressure buildup inside the tank), and full-center baffles (for reinforcement and to prevent sloshing). Lifting rings are also nifty features worth looking into. With these rings, lifting the tank from one place to another becomes easier. And since these rings are usually built into the metal or aluminum structure of the tank, they won't easily break even when lifting up a tank that's full.

If you usually use the liquid tank while doing automotive repair jobs, you might want to invest in a tank that's designed to accommodate a tool box. Transfer tank and tool chest combos are your best bet when you want a multi-tasking tank that won't eat up a lot of space on your truck bed. The tank and tool box can be bought separately in case you decide to get the tool chest later on. This tank also comes in different colors, giving you plenty of options when choosing one that won't clash with your vehicle's exterior while placed on the truck bed.