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Life shouldn't be all work and no play. This is the reason most Americans spend their day offs, holidays, and vacations by taking their family and friends in adventurous drives. But sometimes, your car's limited capacity to carry the needed stuff hinders you from making the most of the weekends. You may want to do kayaking or biking with your kids when you reach your destination but you can't take your bikes and your kayaks with you because your ride won't be able to accommodate them. Well don't fret.that's what the load bars are for.

These bars can be used in the vehicle's roof, truck bed, or cargo compartment to increase its load-carrying capacity. When used in the cargo area, the load bar helps keep your cargos from shifting; when it's installed in the roof, it serves as the base or mounting point for the roof rack besides acting as a partition where you can tie down your luggage to prevent them from falling off while the vehicle is running.

If you're now in the market looking for new cargo bars for your ride, here are some questions you should ask yourself to find the right units for your needs:

What's your purpose for installing load bars?

How you intend to use these add-ons largely determines the type and size of bars you should get. If they will be used on the roof, you should choose those that are sturdy enough to bear the weight of the roof rack and anything you'll load on the roof. Cargo bars that will be used as clothes hangers need not be as heavy-duty as the roof-mounted units, but they should also be durable enough to be able to carry heavy clothes. It also pays if you'll get adjustable cargo bars for when you need to hang more items than usual.

Where are you planning to install the bars?

Load bars for the roof may not be the same as the ones for the cargo area. So it's important that you're already decided as to where to install them before making a purchase. It's wise if you measure the area you're planning to put the bars on so you won't make the mistake of getting a bar with an inappropriate size. Remember, cargo bars with correct size also make installation a whole lot easier.

From what materials are the bars made of?

The materials from which the bars are made say a lot about the parts' performance and durability. You can get either steel or aluminum load bars. Both materials are durable, so you can base your choice on other factors like the weight (adding weight to the vehicle can affect its mileage) and their ability to resist rust as well as daily wear and tear.

Are the load bars easy to install?

If you will be installing the bars all by yourself, it is always a good idea to get one that's easy to install, with no modifications, cutting, and drilling required. Cargo bars that are specifically designed for a particular make and model usually ensure perfect fit and easy installation than universal units.