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Whether you're a beginner or an expert in doing car repairs, you'll always need a reference point in case you get lost while doing a specific DIY project. And even if you can Google almost anything and everything today, are you sure that you are getting correct and accurate information? Are you sure that you are following the correct steps that will make your car better or are you actually making the damage of your vehicle worse? Almost everyone can post stuff on the Internet, so how can you be sure that you're getting the right information? When the going gets tough, having a manual in your garage will definitely come in handy. These manuals were written and created by trusted authors that you can rely on for your vehicle repairs. To help you learn more about manuals, here's a brief buying guide that should get you started.


When it comes to format, manuals can generally be classified into two: print and digital. Today, manuals are not only available in the old fashioned print style. Instead, you can also get them in CD and software formats that you can read using your computer or other gadgets.


Depending on what you need and your level of expertise in car repairs, you'll find tons of manuals in the market today. Just remember to choose a manual that best fits your preference and needs and you're good to go. Here are some of the most common types available:

  • Home Repair Manuals - If you love doing your repairs at home, then this type is perfect for you. Apart from providing helpful guides for engine repairs, this manual also contains tips and steps on how to make and organize your very own workshop at home.
  • Repair and Service Manuals - This particular type usually provides easy-to-follow yet very detailed instructions that you can use for your DIY projects. It also includes troubleshooting and maintenance tips that will help minimize your vehicle repairs.
  • Engine Repair Manuals - Specifically made for your car's engine, engine repair manuals contain important information on how to deal with your car's engine, its components, and their problems.
  • Under Car Repairs Manuals - Whether it's the suspension, transmission, or braking components, you can always rely on under car repair manuals to serve as your guide.
  • Under Hood Repair Manuals - If you need a guide for doing electrical, air-conditioning, and fuel system repairs, then this is the answer to your woes.
  • Body Repair Manuals - Body repair manuals focus on how you can repair the exterior of your ride. This type also usually includes useful welding techniques that can help you out.
  • Paint and Detailing Manuals - Similar to the first type, the paint and detailing manual is made to help you customize, change, or fix the exterior part of your ride.
  • Trailer Manuals - If you happen to own a trailer that is bad need of a repair, you can get trailer manuals as a guide. This type includes tips that you can use to take care of the trailer, making sure that it follows its weight capacity for a longer life.