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Master Bushing Kit

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There's nothing more worrisome than hearing screeching sounds from your car. And when you check it, you find out that the noises were caused by metal to metal contact. More importantly, you find out that it was caused by damaged suspension bushings. Since almost all of them are faulty, you ponder on doing a complete overhaul. This is where a master bushing kit comes in.instead of sourcing the bushings individually, this kit conveniently provides you with all the replacement components that you need to repair your suspension. If you're wondering what a complete kit contains, here's a short guide that will introduce you to the individual parts that it includes.

1.Control arm bushings - The control arm bushings in a master bushing kit are made of an outer and inner metal sleeve and a rubber bushing. They're basically hinged dampener cushions that make driving more manageable and quieter. Most front-wheel drive vehicles are only equipped with lower control arms while trucks and SUVs usually have both upper and lower arms. If these bushings are damaged, the metal ends of the control arms will have contact with the vehicle's frame and produce clunking sounds.

2. Leaf spring bushings and leaf spring pads - The leaf spring bushings and pads in a master bushing kit are important parts of the suspension. They connect the leaf spring to the vehicle's frame to protect it from excessive wear. They're responsible for improving your car's handling and reducing the noise and vibration produced by spring movement. It's advisable for modified suspensions to change leaf spring bushings annually. A damaged bushing or pad will normally produce a squeaking sound and cause wheel hopping coupled with steering problems.

3. End link set - The end link is also known as the sway bar link. This component connects the sway bar to the lower control arm of the vehicle and it reduces the body roll of a car. An end link set consists of bushings that connect the sway bar to the vehicle's frame. You can easily identify a damaged end link bushing if your vehicle's body rolls while cornering.

4. Body mount set - The body mount set in a master bushing kit is comprised of bushings that are placed between the car's body and the vehicle's frame. This is an ideal addition for raised vehicles as it reduces noise, aligns the vehicle's body, and minimizes the wobble when turning.

5. Transmission mount - The transmission mount is located at the driver's side of the frame's front end. It keeps the transmission system in place, controls the torque, and minimizes vibrations in a vehicle. A broken mount will cause loss of stability, vibrations in the passenger cab, a misaligned transmission, and clunking noises.

6. Ball joint - These spherical bearings connect the steering knuckles and the control arms. A bad ball joint will produce banging noises, affect your steering, and cause your tires to wear.

7. Tie rod end boots - The tie rod end boots in a master bushing kit seal the tapered shaft tight and they also seal in the lubricant to avoid metal wear in your system. They may also have extra sealing lips and they work with a rod socket that functions like a wiper.