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Mazda 3 Parts And Mazda 3 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Mazda 3 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Mazda 3 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Three Things You Need to Know about your Mazda 3

    Can you recall the cool kids in your school that looked so perfect and flawless on the outside, but flawed on the inside? Now think about your Mazda 3. The stylish, compact car by the Japanese manufacturer may appear gorgeous but its components could be rotting already. That\'s what would happen if you do not know how to take care of your vehicle properly. This model has been generally well received by car enthusiasts and critics for its superb performance, handling, and design. It is important to live up to its name by ensuring that your Mazda 3 will only leave you breathless.

    When the clutch fails

    You\'ll know when your clutch is failing on you; you will find the burning smell of clutch alarming. However, this doesn\'t apply to this particular model of Mazda. You won\'t be able to sense that your clutch has already failed not until you see the burnt clutch before your eyes. You will also not hear any odd noises or grinding sound. It will just come to you that your car is being towed due to clutch failure. To avoid this, it is important to take extra care when shifting gears. You may also need to observe your driving style. Don\'t do anything that can cause your clutch to get compromised. When this part fails, it is important that you replace it immediately to avoid further problems.

    When the air-con won\'t turn on

    When all of a sudden your air-conditioning doesn\'t work, there must be a problem with the compressor. Check if you can see the bearing or outside of the pulley spinning if it is moving. The problem could be due to the clutch, especially if it was engaged but the compressor was seized up. It would also help to check the condition of all the fuses, even those that are not directly related to the air-conditioning system. You can also find a charge valve and give it a quick push to check if there\'s pressure in the system. A seal in your compressor could have failed, which caused the Freon to leak out. When this happens, all you need to do is to purchase and install a new compressor to your vehicle.

    Of gear-grinding noise and clutch

    Have you ever encountered a problem shifting from first to second gear when your rpm is more than 1,800? If yes, then you must have heard that infamous gear-grinding sound, which feels like a terrible shift. The transmission of this particular Mazda is unique, and it is important that you know how to match your driving style with your vehicle. You might want to consider changing your technique: from three steps, where you clutch in, shift, and then clutch out to two steps, clutch in plus shift then clutch out. Try this and check if you can still hear that gear-grinding noise. If yes, then the problem could be related to how fast you shift from first to second gear. You might need to shift slowly but surely to avoid the sound. You might need to adjust, but it won\'t take long until you get used to it.