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Mercedes Benz E320 Parts And Mercedes Benz E320 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Mercedes Benz E320 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Mercedes Benz E320 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Mercedes Benz E320 Parts

Mercedes Benz E320 Articles

  • Things to Consider with a Problematic Mercedes Benz E320 Transmission

    The provenance of the Mercedes Benz E-Class can be traced all the way back from the \'50s. It was a derivative of the mid-size W-series models. The first-generation E-Class was actually the W124 that received significant aesthetic revisions. Its design was made by Joseph Gallitzendorfer and Peter Pfeiffer with the guidance of the legendary automotive designer Bruno Sacco. After the 9-year production of the original W124 ended in 1993, the E-Class was already set to take over. It continued to evolve up to the 4th generation that the public recognizes today. The transmission is one of the more important systems in the vehicle. Take a look at the issues concerning it:

    Role of the transmission

    The transmission of any vehicle is responsible for harnessing power from the engine and converting it as a useful energy for turning the wheels. Given the German heritage and design of the Mercedes Benz E320, its gearbox is made to be able to handle high speeds without faltering. More than that, it is developed for smooth and efficient drives whether it involves going around the city or travelling to different destinations for miles and miles.

    Probable cause of a faulty transmission

    Mercedes Benz has dedicated itself into producing fine automobiles throughout the decades. Despite the utmost attention given to details and engineering, there might still be incidents where the transmission found in models like the E320 would fail. When symptoms begin coming out, there is a systematic way to handle things. Among the red flags of a transmission issue include the system being stuck in a single gear or a laborious shifting. It is believed that the German transmission is pretty much bulletproof and would last a long period of time. So it is presumed that the usual suspects of a problematic Mercedes Benz transmission include a low supply of transmission fluid, worn out transmission wire harness o-ring, defective valve body or conductor plate and a defective shifter module. Therefore, the owner can still pretty much salvage the most of the assembly and take care of minor parts.

    What should be done if the transmission seems to be problematic?

    Once the E320 is showing signs of possible problems in its transmission, diagnosing the assembly would be the best thing to do. But if the driver gets caught up in situation in the middle of the road, the car should be parked at a safe area first then the engine would have to be switched off. The process is supposed to reboot the system. However, this does not take away the need for an appropriate diagnosis. The process would involve checking the level of the transmission fluid first. Then the owner should move on to plugging in the OBD scanner to check for trouble codes. The device will report possible issues affecting the operation of the transmission. From there, the problematic part can be identified and replaced. If there is still a need for it, tuning the transmission to improve performance is recommended after the repair.