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  • MG: British Engineering at its Finest

    The United Kingdom has been the home of many storied automobile manufacturers, and among its most respected is the MG. Established in the early 1920\'s, the MG Car Company specialized in two-seat sports cars as well as salons and coupes. The brand made a name of itself through its high-performance autos, which were designed to be as light as possible while packing powerful engines of its day. MG vehicles eventually found its way to the professional motorsport circuit, although the brand remained focused in the consumer vehicle industry. Today, the brand lives on through the MG Motor Company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, producing both motor vehicles and replacement MG car parts.

    British design and engineering

    MG\'s vehicles, right down to its individual MG parts, incorporate nearly a hundred years\' worth of expertise and innovation from MG. The company\'s main assembly plant in Birmingham is also the home of the European Engineering Technical Centre and Design Studio, which houses 300 engineers that continuously develop initial concepts for new MG vehicles as well as ensure all existing models and MG spare parts sold in the market meet the latest in European standards as well as individual customer requests.

    The MGB

    MG had produced a wide variety of motorcars during its long existence, but the car that had arguably been MG\'s most successful was the MGB. Produced in 1962, the MG MGB roadster replaced the aging MGA as the marque\'s entry in the sports car sector. The MGB was a car apart from its predecessors during its time; it had a modern lightweight monocoque structure instead of the traditional body-on-frame construction, wind up windows, and a driver\'s compartment that was far roomier than most of its counterparts during the time. The MGB was also one of the first production cars to feature .crumple zones. . certain areas of the vehicle designed to absorb the impact during a collision. Other MG parts and features found in the MGB include the BMC B-Series engine, SU or Stromberg carburetors, and the option to use electrically engaged overdrive gearboxes and related MG accessories .


    Since its early days, MG had been heavily embedded in motorsport, producing dedicated racing cars such as the 1931 C-Type and 1934 Q-type as well as performance MG auto parts since the 1930\'s. MG eventually stopped producing dedicated racers in 1935, although the company shifted its focus to developing experimental cars, with the most notable being the 1100 cc EX135 which broke speed records with a top speeds exceeding 200 mph (320 km/h) in 1939. MGs were also recognized as the last foreign brand to be used in NASCAR, with the penultimate NASCAR MG racer driven by Smokey Cook in 1963.

    In 2001, MG returned to motorsports scene, fielding the MG-Lola EX257 in 24 Hours of Le Mans, MG ZS units in the British Touring Car Championship, and the MG ZR supermini in the Independent British Rally Championship. More recently, the company has entered a partnership with Triple Eight Race Engineering in 2012 to compete in the British Touring Car Championship under the banner MG KX Momentum Racing.