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  • A Beginner's Guide to the Mini Cooper's Test Mode

    Despite its diminutive size, the Mini Cooper is certainly full of surprises. But one feature that many Mini Cooper owners are not familiar with is the \"Test mode\" function. A standard in all modern Mini Cooper compacts, the \"Test mode\" is a handy little tool that you can use to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the engine and the vehicle in general.

    What is the \"Test mode\"?

    Also known as the self-Test mode, the Test mode is an advanced feature that allows you to access specific information from your Mini\'s onboard computer. This is somewhat similar to the On Board Diagnostics-II (OBD-II) system found in most cars today; but unlike the OBD-II, the Test mode does not require a special scanning device and does not show error codes. Instead, the Test mode reveals a wide number of information including unique vehicle identification codes, the specific engine RPM, and the exact amount of fuel in the tank.

    Because it discloses a wide selection of data, the Test mode is a handy tool for Mini Cooper owners who want to tune their vehicles for maximum engine performance. It can also be used to diagnose several engine and computer problems, although not to the degree of the OBD-II diagnostics.

    How to access the Test mode

    With the ignition key in the off position, press and hold down the odometer reset button on the dashboard. With the button depressed, switch on the key to the first position in the ignition until you hear a click. This will cause the screen in the dash to light up and show the words \"Test\". Scroll through the numbers by pressing the odometer reset button until it reaches the code 19.0 and wait for several seconds. A message should pop up saying 19 \"L i-off\", which will then flash to \"L i-on\" and back to L i-off\" again. When the latter appears, press the odometer reset button once more. If done successfully, the Test mode menu should appear.

    What can you find inside the Test mode?

    There are currently 21 major \"codes\" that can be accessed in the Test mode, which are then divided into minor codes. The code 1.0, for example, leads to the chassis identification number of the Mini Cooper, while the 1.1 code shows the total kilometer count. You can refer to the Mini Cooper\'s computer service manual for a more detailed description of the various codes you can access.

    Proceeding with caution

    The Test mode of the Mini Cooper can shed more light on how the Mini Cooper works, but it is a feature that should not be taken lightly. More and more car owners have the misconception that the Test mode can be used to check and clear error codes and shut off the check engine light, but this feature does absolutely none of this and may result in permanently damaging the Mini\'s ECU, the engine, and the various exhaust parts.

    If you are planning on accessing the Test mode, take note that you will be doing so at your own risk. Make sure not to modify any information that you do not fully understand while accessing the Test mode, and do not hesitate to ask a professional technician for assistance in understanding the myriad of codes that the mode has to offer.