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Is the hardware of your vehicle's existing mirrors becoming more and more unsightly each day due to rust and scratches? Why get a new mirror set if you can fix the problem by simply getting new mirror hardware? Doing so is more economical than getting an entire mirror assembly. The hardware also comes in handy when you need to install towing mirrors or any auxiliary mirror and the one you've purchased doesn't include installation hardware.

If you're in the market to get mirror hardware, here are some tips to consider so you won't end up making a wrong purchase:

Ensure compatibility.

The hardware must be compatible with the kind of mirror you're using it for. If not, you will have a hard time installing it or you may not be able to mount the mirror in place at all. No matter what kind of hardware you need, make sure that its dimensions and specifications will fit the specs of the mounting surface and the mirror housing. Any incompatibility can cause the mirror to fall off while you're driving, or worse, render it useless.

Value product quality.

Automotive and motorcycle mirrors are very important safety features, so you must not, at all cost, forego the quality of the mirror hardware over anything else. Regardless of the material the hardware is made of, you should make sure that it will offer unmatched strength and durability, considering its location, which is usually in the vehicle's exterior. If the product isn't made from corrosion-resistant materials, it must, at least, have a rust-resistant finish. It is also important that the product can withstand the effects of harmful UV rays and other natural elements.

Consider getting a kit.

If you're installing a mirror set, you should consider getting a mirror hardware kit. This is to ensure that you'll have the same hardware for both the driver- and the passenger-side mirrors. You see, getting a separate hardware for each mirror won't assure you of same quality and specs, so you may end up having a passenger-side mirror that looks longer than the driver-side unit or one that fits snugly while the other one is rattling in place while the vehicle is running.

Another advantage of getting a kit is you'll have all the components and installation hardware you need in one go, so you can save a lot of time, money, and effort. Once the kit arrives, you can start with your DIY task right away knowing that you already have everything you need.

Check the warranty.

The warranty is important as it is the manufacturer's or merchant's promise to stand behind the mirror hardware it is offering. Don't just go for a product that offers longer coverage. Instead, find out when the warranty will start and when it will expire. It's also important to ask about the conditions that may void your warranty coverage. Find out who to contact when availing of any warranty service as well as what issues are covered. This way, you'll be able to know if the hardware you're thinking of purchasing really has better warranty than any other.