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A busted side or rear view mirror can be such a hassle. You won't be able to get a clear view of your vehicle's blind spots, putting you and other drivers at risk. Plus, it might even put you in trouble with the cops since all states have some sort of requirement regarding side and rear view mirrors. So before you get into an accident or a ticket, better get a new mirror head. But don't just grab any car mirror you see. Make sure it perfectly matches your car specs and is made by a reliable manufacturer. To help you get the best deal for your money, here are some more buying tips:

1. Take note of features worth the extra buck.

Features you should consider include the head finish especially if you're looking for a side view mirror on a vehicle that sees plenty of off-road action. A mirror head with a stainless steel finish is a good choice if you want something that'll resist corrosion and pitting even when regularly exposed to harsh elements. Compared to plastic or chrome heads, a stainless steel type may be more expensive, but it's definitely more durable.

Another feature worth a second look is a paint-ready surface. If you want your side or rear view mirror to perfectly blend in with your car's interior or exterior, you'll want to paint the head according to your car's paint color.

For extreme durability, another feature you should consider is a mirror head with an ozone-resistant vinyl gasket. This type of gasket won't easily wear out even when regularly exposed to plenty of heat, friction, and vibration.

2. Opt for an easy-to-install mirror head.

If you want hassle-free installation, choose a replacement that doesn't require you to drill holes. Many models already include drill-free mounting hardware, making the installation process a breeze. However, make sure that the drill-free kit you get is compatible with your car's year or make.

3. Make sure the replacement head has the right type of glass.

When looking for a replacement, make sure that the glass is the right type. If you're replacing a busted passenger side view mirror, double-check if the glass is convex. If it's for the driver side mirror, make sure the glass has a flat surface.

4. Be careful when buying an OE replacement.

Before grabbing the first OE replacement you see, make sure it's an exact replica of your car's original mirror assembly. Some OE replacements may have the same exact fitment, but when it comes to material, you actually get a plastic head instead of a stainless steel head as an alternative for your vehicle's stainless steel mirror.

5. Choose a head with a heavy-duty stud if it's for an off-road vehicle.

Since an off-road vehicle is exposed to more vibrations compared to a regular car, a mirror head with a heavy-duty stud is the best choice. This ball stud is specifically designed to handle extreme vibrations and other harsh elements, keeping the mirror assembly in top condition for many years.