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The key to safe driving is seeing clearly. When you drive, you need to consider all the angles and all the sides of the vehicle to keep you and your passenger's safe at all times. To help you do this, there are several mirrors installed in your vehicle that provide you with a good view of the angles that are hard to see. These mirror components not only make driving safer, but they also make it more convenient. For instance, you don't have to strain your body when backing up because you have the rearview for that. And if you have to look at incoming traffic from the left or right side of the vehicle, you have the side mirrors to help you. Without these mirrors, you are almost paralyzed. So if one of them falls out due to a faulty mirror mount, you'd better fix the problem right away. Mirror mounts can get damaged due to accidents or simply because of wear and tear. Whatever the cause of the defect may be, make sure that you get it fixed ASAP to keep your daily drives safe and hassle-free. Here's aeahort buying guide and some repair tips that can help you out.


  • Manual
  • Manual mounts need to be adjusted manually using your hands. For side mirrors, there's usually a lever near the dash of your vehicle that you can use to adjust the position of the mirrors.

  • Power
  • Power mounts can be automatically controlled with the simple push of a button. This makes adjusting the mirror convenient and easy.


All the mirror components spread throughout your vehicle have mounts. The most common mirror mount locations are the following: side mirrors of the driver and passenger side of the vehicle and the rear view mirror.


Mirror mounts come in different colors/finishes, but the most common are black and primered because they are easy to match. You'll find a wide variety to choose from in the market today if you want to customize your ride by buying a new mirror mount. Just make sure that you get components that are compatible with your vehicle for easy installation and to avoid wasting your cash.


Depending on the location of the mount and the brand that you're going to choose, you need to prepare around $50 to $250 to make sure you get a good one.

Rearview Mirror Mount Removal

Removing rearview mirror mounts can be daunting because there's always that danger of damaging the windshield. To do this task, you need the right tools and all the patience that you can gather. Here are tips for removing or installing a rearview mirror mount.

  • When heating up the windshield, make sure it is not cold to avoid getting the glass shattered.
  • When handling the razor blade to scrape the assembly off, ensure that your hand are dry to avoid any injuries.
  • When prying the mount off, be careful not to touch the hot glass by holding the blade at a 45-degree angle.