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Mirror Relocation Bracket

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Have you ever considered removing the doors of your Jeep or any other vehicle? As you try to imagine how this would look, you've probably wondered where the mirrors would go once the doors are off. If you ever decide to remove the doors, you won't have to worry about losing the factory-installed mirrors. There's a great solution for this. From the doors, the mirrors can be moved to the vehicle body. And it's not as complicated as you think. You just need a mirror relocation bracket for this. You won't even have to bother drilling new holes to accommodate this bracket. You can use the existing bolt holes or factory mounting holes for your convenience. Attachments can be made through windshield hinges for some bracket designs.

If you think this is a good plan and you're willing to go with it and give your vehicle a new look, all that's left for you to do is to pick a mirror relocation bracket. But how can you do just that? Well, here are some are some tips to help you out:

Getting relocation brackets for your factory mirrors

  • Choose a relocation bracket that's made from heavy-duty materials. The bracket can be made of sturdy metal or powdercoated steel. Its sturdy construction will enable the bracket to fully support the mirror and withstand impacts on the road, especially if your drive your Jeep through rough terrain. Another good option is a stainless steel bracket that's lighter but also sturdy. This material is corrosion resistant.
  • Pick the right color/finish for the bracket. If you care about the style of the vehicle, make sure that the bracket won't stick out like a sore thumb. It should complement the mirror assembly and blend well with the vehicle exterior. You can use a polished mirror relocation bracket or opt for classic black, whatever works best for your vehicle.
  • Check the design and installation requirements. Most brackets have a no-drill design and have to be fitted though the existing mounting holes. You have to know how the brackets are supposed to be mounted or added on the vehicle so you'll have an idea what needs to be done to properly install these components. If you ever decide to put back the doors and keep them, you have to be sure that they won't smash into the relocated mirrors once the doors are fully opened.
  • Know what's included in the kit. The mirror relocation bracket should come with all the needed mounting hardware for fast and easy installation. In some kits, steel filler plates for the doors are even included. These plates are used to cover up the small holes that were left behind when the mirrors were removed. The kit would also include a pair of brackets that are designed to fit into both sides of the vehicle when relocating the mirrors.
  • Shop around for the best prices. Prices may vary from as little as 35USD to as much as 100USD, depending on the features, brand, vehicle, and mirror relocation bracket design.

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