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  • Things that You Need to Do Once Your Mitsubishi Outlander A/C Compressor Stops Working

    Have you been getting wafts of warm air from your Mitsubishi Outlander\'s air conditioning system instead of the cool air that it\'s supposed to produce? This is a problem that\'s usually brought about by an A/C compressor that has stopped working. If you can\'t stand driving inside a warm vehicle any longer, then it\'s time for you to diagnose and repair your Mitsubishi Outlander\'s A/C compressor. The good thing is you can perform this task on your own to lessen your repair expenses. Here\'s some useful information that you can keep in mind to make this task easier for you to finish:

    Leakage could be the main culprit

    It\'s a good rule of thumb to figure out the primary cause of component failure before attempting to fix automotive problems. So if you\'ve been having problems with your Outlander\'s air conditioning system, it\'s best to diagnose it right away. Leaking components are some of the most common causes of this issue. It\'s important to note that your vehicle\'s A/C compressor is connected to different HVAC components. The hoses and seals that securely attach the compressor to other parts of the system may be made from tough materials, but they\'re still extremely sensitive. With the excessive temperatures that they\'re constantly exposed to, it\'s not surprising that the compressor\'s hoses and seals are awfully prone to wear and tear. Insufficient refrigerant level is one of the prevalent symptoms of a compressor leakage. If you find yourself refilling your Outlander\'s refrigerant more frequently than usual, then you should inspect the compressor hoses for cracks and holes. Don\'t forget to check the seals for signs of wear as well.

    Mechanical or electrical failure may also be the cause

    Aside from leakage, your car\'s A/C compressor may also malfunction due to faulty electrical or mechanical components. The excessive amount of heat and temperature that gets build up inside the A/C system can stress the A/C compressor and cause its electrical and mechanical parts to wear-out prematurely. One of the first components that are bound to get damaged in case the engine overheats is the A/C compressor clutch. This is exactly why it\'s recommended to check the condition of the clutch first if you feel like your Outlander is suffering from electrically-related A/C compressor problems.

    Moreover, the excessive engine heat may cause the A/C compressor to suffer from physical damage. There are a lot of cases wherein particles of metal from this component have clogged the connecting lines of the system. Make sure that you regularly check your vehicle\'s compressor for broken areas to avoid costly repairs.

    Immediate repair is important

    Identifying the reason why your Mitsubishi Outlander A/C compressor has stopped working is only the first step to bringing it back into good working condition. If you want to drive comfortably again, you need to fix the root of the problem. Leaking hoses and seals as well as faulty electrical and mechanical components simply need to be replaced with new ones that meet your car\'s specification. If the A/C compressor has numerous components that are damaged beyond repair, then getting a new compressor is the best way to go.