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Motorcycle Backrest

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Installing a motorcycle backrest may be the answer to the chronic back pain that's been troubling you ever since you started riding your bike. You see, the lack of support during those long rides will eventually take its toll on your body and cause you pain, especially on the lower part of your back. Backrests will provide the support that you need and offer you some relief while you're on the road. As a matter of fact, you can add two backrests in your for you and another one for your passenger. This will make your ride more convenient and comfortable not only for yourself but also for the other people who ride along. Installing this accessory is quite easy, so it would be best to do it yourself. Here's a general installation guide that you can follow for your next bike upgrade.

Tools that you'll need:

  • Metric socket set
  • Metric wrench set
  • Screwdriver
  • Motorcycle backrest kit

Step 1: To start installing the backrest, use a wrench to loosen the bolts of your bike's seat. Turn them counterclockwise until they are loose enough to remove by hand. After that, take the seat off of the motorcycle.

Step 2: Once you've successfully removed the seat, locate its mounting bracket and use a wrench to loosen its bolts. Once the bolts are loose, take the mounting brackets out as well.

Step 3: Next, get the long bolt that's included in the motorcycle backrest kit and slot it in the location of the seat mounting bolt that you just removed.

Step 4: After that, get the washers included in the kit and slide them in the long bolt.

Step 5: At this point, you can begin to tighten the bolt by using a wrench to turn it clockwise. However, don't forget to leave a space between the bolt and the surface of the bike.about half an inch will do.

Step 6: Get the L bracket that's included in the kit and place its alotted end on the bolt.

Step 7: Once the L bracket is there, you can already tighten the bolt until it mounts to the surface of the bike.

Step 8: Next, start installing the motorcycle backrest by positioning it in front of the L bracket. Make sure the bottom, center of the backrest meets the upper part of the bracket.

Step 9: As soon as you're happy and confident about its position, secure it in place by getting the screws included in the kit. Using a screwdriver, insert the screws in the holes located at the back part of the backrest and the bracket.

Step 10: When all the connections are sturdy, you can reinstall the seat of your motorcycle. To do this, you need to put it back in position and then bolt it in place using a wrench, turning the bolts clockwise to tighten them. As aoon as you're done, take your ride for a spin to see if you were able to install the motorcycle backrest properly.