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Gone are the days when the only way to dry your bike after washing it or after riding through the rain is to hand dry it with towels or to use compressed air. While these methods can dry up the motorcycle surface, the former usually takes forever to accomplish and often leaves small, circular scratches on the finish while the latter could be too powerful to rip off loose pieces of the paint or chrome finish. There are even instances when compressed air can blow through and damage a rubber seal or gasket. These are just some of the reasons for the advent of handheld motorcycle dryer.

If you're still not convinced by the motorcycle dryer's practicality and you still don't think it necessary to have one, here are some of the advantages you'll enjoy from this product:

Spot-free drying

A motorcycle dryer efficiently dries the motorcycle without creating unsightly circular spots on your ride's chrome finish, making it look immaculate after drying. You see, those spots are usually formed when water evaporates, leaving minerals on the surface. So the sooner you remove the water from the paint, the lesser the chance of creating water spots. The secret of handheld dryers is that they air-wipe the water off, along with the minerals, thus leaving you with a spot-free finish.

Shorter drying time

Motorcycle dryers are fitted with a powerful motor that pumps out warm filtered air to blast water off every nook and cranny of your motorcycle, making the drying time a lot shorter compared to conventional motorcycle drying practices. Since most of these dryers are portable and handheld, you can easily dry up the water lurking in hard-to-reach areas of your bike.

Safe for use on paint and chrome finishes

As mentioned earlier, compressed air can be too harsh that it can potentially rip off the motorcycle's paint or finish. Because it's gentle on the vehicle's paint, the motorcycle dryer becomes one of the necessary tools for motorcycle detailing.


Handheld motorcycle dryers are portable enough for you to carry around the bike while drying. They are also compact enough to be stored in a saddlebag, making it possible for you to dry or detail your motorcycle just about anywhere other than your home. With a motorcycle dryer in your saddlebag, you need not worry about encountering sudden downpour while driving or accidentally passing over a puddle.

Exclusive yet practical features

While motorcycle dryers share a common purpose of drying your motorcycle more quickly, some of them have unique features that make them stand out. Find out the features of the motorcycle dryer you're eyeing and determine if those features can be beneficial for you. Some dryers come with easy-to-clean air filter, so you won't have any problem cleaning them to ensure that the air blown into your bike is free of dust and other airborne particles. Another feature that can be beneficial for you are interchangeable drying nozzles, which allow you to use the necessary nozzle depending on the component being dried or the type of drying needed. Other features you should look into are variable air speed, as well as the construction and quality of the canister and the hose.