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Motorcycle Floorboard

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The motorcycle floorboard is synonymous to comfort. It replaces the motorcycle's foot peg to provide both the driver and passenger better leg room and foot rest, where they can comfortably put their feet for more convenient drives. This component becomes more useful during long-distance drives where driving comfort is very important to endure the long haul.

If you're now thinking of replacing your foot pegs with floorboards, here are the things you should look for in a new unit so you'll get the best value for your money:

  • High quality materials and durability
  • Since the motorcycle floorboard needs to support the weight of your and your passenger's feet and because it's located in an area that's prone to damage, you have to make sure that the unit you'll get is made from premium materials. It must also guarantee heavy-duty construction so it won't easily get dented or deformed when hit by loose stones, road debris, and other objects.

  • Rust resistance
  • Once installed, the floorboard also becomes exposed to mud, water, and road salt, so it's also important that the unit you'll get is made from rust- and corrosion-resistant materials or at least coated with rust-resistant finish.

  • Non-slip and anti-vibration pads
  • Those rubber pads stamped on the surface of the motorcycle floorboard are there not only to provide you with non-slip stepping surface for secure footing but also to help dampen the vibration that can otherwise be transferred to your feet, making your ride uncomfortable.

  • Quick installation
  • A lot of motorcycle owners are DIYers. If you're one of them, you'll surely be glad if the floorboards you'll get are easy to install. Quick installation means no modification, cutting, or complicated instructions required just to mount the product in place.

  • Compatibility with the motorcycle's bracket
  • Installation will surely be hassle-free if the motorcycle floorboard is compatible with the bracket where it will be connected. And if it is well installed, you can count on it to firmly stay in place even when your ride gets bumpy. Besides ease of installation, its compatibility with other motorcycle components also makes the floorboard more efficient and capable of doing its job well without affecting the functions of other components.

  • Good looks
  • If you're the type who always wants to drive in style, you can get floorboards that match the overall looks you want your ride to have. Motorcycle floorboards come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, so you can surely find one that fits your ride, your needs, and your styling preferences.

    Once you get the right motorcycle floorboard, you'd better get ready for your DIY project. It would be wise to inspect first the mounting brackets for cracks, rust, and signs of oxidation that usually cause the metal to deteriorate. If the brackets are rusted or excessively worn out, have them replaced first before installing the floorboards.

    It's also wise to test both the left and right floorboards before securing them in place. See to it that they can be moved up and down at the hinge part on the shoulder bolt but still snug enough so as not to fall off as the motorcycle speeds up.