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Motorcycle Handlebar Accessories

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Like steering wheel of a vehicle, you use your motorcycle's handlebars to steer your bike to the direction that you want. But aside from that, this component also allows you to support a part of your weight, helping you keep your balance while you ride. Apart from that, this component also serves as the mounting place for some of your bike's most important components such as the brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switch, rear view mirrors, etc. Despite all that, the DIYer in you is simply not satisfied and you're always on the lookout for more ways to improve your ride. This is where motorcycle handlebar accessories come in. You'll find tons of them in the market today and they all have a common trait.they're designed to improve your motorcycle even in the simplest way. Here's a quick guide that will give you more details about the handlebars, including the accessories that you can attach to them to make them better.

Types of Handlebars

Before you go out and buy motorcycle handlebar accessories, you need to know what type of handlebars you have in your bike first. Here are some of them:

  • Adjustable - An adjustable handlebar is typically clipped onto the fork tubes and it can easily be slid up and down according to your preferred riding position.
  • Cruiser - If you want to sit upright, cruiser handlebars will allow you to do just that, thanks to their long and sloped construction.
  • Beach - This allows the rider to have a relaxed position because it is sloped back like a Cruiser bar.
  • Clip-ons - This type has two separate short handles attached to the fork tubes, and it's popular for sport bikes.
  • Clubman - This type is clamped onto the tripe three, and they are commonly found on caféikes.
  • Drag - This type allows the rider to ride in an aerodynamic, forward-leaning position.
  • Motocross - Clamped onto the tripe three, these tubular bars are common for motocross and off-road bikes.
  • Z-bar - This bar is sharply angled upwards with straight rise sections.
  • Ape hanger - Popularly used on chopper motorcycles, this type rises above the mounting location, allowing the rider to sit up before he can use them.

Motorcycle Handlebar Accessories

Here are some of the most common motorcycle handlebar accessories that you'll find in the market today.

  • Cruise assist - Cruise assist or cruise control accessories are added onto the bike to help minimize the strain and stress to your hands. They are designed to decrease wrist-fatigue by allowing you to easily maintain steady throttle control without having to clench your wrist for a long time.
  • Beverage holder - If you like to go on road trips with your bike, having a heavy-duty beverage or drink holder attached to handlebar will definitely come in handy.
  • Clock and Thermometer - Aftermarket clocks and thermometers are also motorcycle handlebar accessories that you can add onto your bike to help you keep track of time and of your bike's temperature levels.
  • Handguards - You can install handguards on your bike's handlebars to help protect you from external elements like wind, roost, branches, etc that can harm or injure your hands while you ride.