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MSD Brand Articles

  • MSD: Supplying Performance Electrical Components for the Engine

    Automotive vehicles for the good part of the century have all relied on internal combustion engines to run. These power plants are composed of a lot of components that have to run in sync with each other. To be able to do so, the movement is first triggered by the detonation of the air and fuel mixture in the block. The energy pushes the pistons downward, therefore setting the chain of motion. But this cannot be accomplished without the help of electricity in the system. As for performance vehicles, they could use aftermarket electrical components to be able to run at their best. MSD supplies these kinds of goodies to those craving some speed.

    A look into MSD\'s beginnings

    The company was established in 1970 after a group of engineers toyed with the idea of multiple spark discharge to improve fuel efficiency of vehicles during that time. Once the ignition system was put out in the market, it carried the name MSD to stand for the innovation. Soon enough, motorsports enthusiasts found that the MSD kit worked well for vehicles on the drag strip. This sparked recognition and increased the following on the brand. The continued research and development in the company to expand and improve its product offerings. Up to this day, MSD is recognized to be a go-to brand for people who are setting up their vehicles to perform well on the strip and street.

    Spark plug wire set

    When you are dealing with high-performance engines, you have to understand that they would require higher input to produce massive torque and horsepower. This would require a stronger jolt that will trigger the kind of detonation needed for that kind of output. However, stock spark plug wires might not be able to handle the amount of current. They might end up getting burnt as electricity flows through them. What MSD offers are wire kits that are much more capable of handling the transmission of high-output energy. There are different wire models that should match the engines of Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges, and many others. Once these are installed, electricity can efficiently travel from the distributor to the spark plugs inserted in the engine.


    The detonations inside the engine block have to be synchronized in order to achieve proper operation. The lack of it can cause the car to run roughly and terribly. This is the purpose of the distributor. The part is responsible for routing electricity to the spark plugs in the correct firing order. MSD performance distributors are crafted to be able to fit the engine electrical systems of vehicles made by AMC, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Pontiac, General Motors, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Volkswagen. Even though some of their engines have the same layout, some blocks have different firing orders.


    Before ignition, a vehicle derives its electrical power from the battery. But when the engine is already running, the alternator takes over the generation of electricity. At the same time, it recharges the car battery again. The MSD high output alternators should be able to supply sufficient amounts of energy to performance vehicles without any interruption. It is meant to provide output from idle to low revs and high revs. Beyond that, the part is designed to operate and last over a good period of time.