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Nerf Bar Mounting Kit

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Not everyone is born athletic, so getting in and out of a big truck, SUV, or Jeep can be really difficult for some people. The good news is, there are now a lot of accessories designed to address these kinds of problems, and one of the best examples is a nerf bar. A nerf bar is an auto accessory that not only changes the look of a vehicle but also provides extra features that will surely make any driver's life easier and safer. If you want to experience the convenience and protection that this accessory has to offer, buy one that suits you and your needs. And when you've already found what you want, don't forget to purchase a fitting nerf bar mounting kit that will complement what you have.

Helpful buying tips

When buying a nerf bar and a mounting kit, here are some things that you need to consider.


There are different kinds of nerf bars, and they vary according to shape and length. When it comes to shape, you can purchase round, oval, and hooped-style bars. On the other hand, the length of nerf bars can be classified into cab-length, wheel-to-wheel, and sport tubes. Cab length bars run are as long as the two doors of your vehicle while wheel-to-wheel bars run the entire length of your vehicle.from the front wheels to the rear wheels. Lastly, spot tubes are more on the decorative side than on the functional. They have a small diameter, and they also don't have step pads. When choosing a nerf bar, keep in mind that it can only be installed by getting the right kind of nerf bar mounting kit. With this component, installation should be much easier.


A good-quality nerf bar mounting kit would cost you around $100 to $250.

Simple steps to installing a nerf bar

As soon as you've purchased the perfect nerf bar and a fitting nerf bar mounting kit for your vehicle, you can already proceed with the installation. Here's a quick guide to help you get started.

Step 1: With the help of an assistant, mount the nerf bar on the frame rail on one side of your vehicle. Make sure there's a clearance of at least half an inch between the top part of the nerf bar and your vehicle's rocket panel.

Step 2: While your assistant holds the nerf bar in position, mark the mounting holes of the bar onto the frame.

Step 3: After that, use a drill to punch holes through the marks that you made. You can hammer a center punch through each hole before using the electric drill to make the task easier.

Step 4: Once you're done making the holes, mount the nerf bar back in position and start to screw or bolt it in place using the components included in the nerf bar mounting kit.

Step 5: Make sure the nuts, bolts, or screws are tightly attached using a ratchet and socket.

Step 6: Attach the other nerf bar on the other side of your vehicle by repeating the steps above.