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NGK Brand Articles

  • NGK: Providing World-Class Spark Plugs, Oxygen Sensors, and Other Related Engine Components Since 1936

    NGK is built on the desire to consistently deliver product excellence. Driven by this goal, the company has been focused on the development and production of innovative engine components ever since it was established. It constantly exerts its best manufacturing efforts in order to provide spark plugs, sensors, wirings, and other high-performance components that boast innovative features and reliable quality. With NGK\'s product lineup and continuous efforts to develop its products, it\'s easy to see why it has successfully established itself as one of the reliable manufacturers in the industry.

    Humble beginnings

    Founded in 1936, NGK started out as a humble company that\'s committed to providing high-class engine products. When it was introduced in the market, its product catalog was solely dedicated to spark plugs and oxygen sensors. Fueled by its passion for continuous product innovation, NGK did not just settle as a humble manufacturer of these engine components. Instead, the company undertook several research and development programs which allowed it to discover cutting-edge technologies that are entirely new to the automotive industry. NGK\'s research and development efforts were recognized by a lot of car manufacturers and drivers, and this paved the way for the company\'s expanded network and product catalog.

    NGK currently offers wire sets and high-performance accessories along with its spark plugs and oxygen sensors. The company also opened up advanced production facilities in California, West Virginia, and Illinois. Despite of the additional facilities, NGK still managed to ensure that it passes the standards indicated in the ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 certifications. Armed with an accreditation from an international certification body, the company can consistently guarantee its customers of the quality and reliability that its products possess.

    Formula for success

    The primary motivating force that guides the company\'s manufacturing methods is its commitment to product excellence. This has been the company\'s objective ever since it was established 80 years ago, and there\'s a high chance that NGK is going to continue striving towards this same goal in the future. Aside from its commitment to product excellence, the company is also renowned for the reliability of engine components that it manufactures. The NGK products have been tried and tested by numerous drivers over the past decades, and this is exactly why more drivers trust this company today.

    The company\'s efforts to attain product excellence also enabled it to develop groundbreaking technologies that truly made a mark in the automotive world. The copper core spark plugs, new ceramics, and V-groove spark plugs are just some the revolutionary technologies that NGK introduced into the car parts market.

    NGK brands and product lineups

    Spark plugs, oxygen sensors, and wire sets have been NGK\'s specialty for decades now. These components are available under the company\'s major product lineups: the NGK Spark Plugs, NTK Sensors and NGK Wire Sets. The company also offers several brands under these lineups to help drivers easily find the right product that suits their needs perfectly.

    The product offered under the NGK Spark Plugs lineup is categorized according to the level of performance that they\'re capable of delivering. The NGK Spark Plugs V-Power brand is designed and constructed to deliver better ignitability compared to the OEM spark plugs, making it suitable for high-performance applications. Moreover, NGK\'s G-Power brand is suitable for superior-performance uses with its platinum construction and affordable price tag. Car enthusiasts can also turn to the company\'s Iridium IX brand if they\'re looking for better throttle response, outstanding ignitability, and reliable anti-fouling properties that are suitable for ultimate-performance applications.

    The NTK Oxygen Sensor product lineup is the company\'s line of precision-engineered oxygen sensors that deliver reliable functionality and superior compatibility. NGK went all out to ensure that these components meet and exceed the OE specifications.