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Nissan Pathfinder Parts And Nissan Pathfinder Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Nissan Pathfinder parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Nissan Pathfinder to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Nissan Pathfinder Common Problems: Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions

    The Nissan Pathfinder is known for its attractive interior, fuel efficiency, and comfort and convenience for family drives. But in spite of these advantages and being a reliable vehicle for families, common car problems can still surface over time due to wear and tear. So if you\'re an owner of this vehicle, it helps to know these symptoms, causes, and fixes to keep your Pathfinder working efficiently for a long time.

    Coolant leaks into the transmission

    A coolant that leaks into the transmission often starts with a cracked radiator tank. This surely affects the efficiency and performance of your engine. Fixing the crack on your radiator is not as hard as it seems. You just need to locate the crack, prepare the area, and then proceed with the actual repair. As soon as you are able to locate the crack, mark it with a tape or a marker. Thoroughly clean the cracked area to prepare it for the repair. You may use a toothbrush and a little amount of acetone to scrub the crack and its surroundings until it dries completely. Make sure that the crack area is really dry before sealing it with a soldering iron. You must ensure a good melt around the area in order to seal the crack correctly. After fixing the crack, you may now top up the radiator with a new coolant and test it again to make sure that the crack is properly secured.

    Crack in coolant reservoir

    It is also recommended to replace your coolant reservoir if there is also a crack. But you can still opt to repair the crack yourself by removing all the coolant in the reservoir first. Just like after locating the crack in the radiator tank, you will also need to mark the crack in the coolant reservoir as soon as you\'ve found it. Make sure to let your Nissan Pathfinder to cool down first before releasing the pressure out of the radiator and the coolant reservoir. Carefully disconnect the overflow tube, which is used primarily to connect the radiator and the coolant reservoir. Cautiously detach the coolant reservoir from the chassis of your Nissan Pathfinder, and keep the screws and bolts in a secured area. Remove any remaining coolant from the reservoir by shaking it upside down before washing and drying it both inside and out. You can use plastic welding product or epoxy that is appropriate for your Nissan Pathfinder. Make sure to seal the crack properly to avoid further hassle. There will always be a downtime, so you will really need to let the product cure for a while. After the seal has completely dried, return the coolant reservoir back to its proper position by reversing the detaching process. Use a high-quality coolant and fill the reservoir with a generous amount. Make the necessary test to ensure that the system is now working normally.

    Grinding and shaking

    Your Nissan Pathfinder is supposed to run smoothly without any jerking and shaking. If shaking occurs right after you engage the clutch, then check your clutch if it needs to be adjusted or replaced. Another reason for this problem lies within the tires. Make sure that your tires are correctly aligned and balanced to prevent your car and/or steering wheel from shaking. These are just the common causes of a car that shakes madly. It is better to have it inspected and serviced by a professional and qualified mechanic to identify the real source of this problem and to provide more appropriate solutions.