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Below you'll find a wide variety of Nissan Quest parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Nissan Quest to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Common Nissan Quest Transmission Problems

    The Nissan Quest minivan is built and designed with efficiency in mind, so it can be quite a surprise when its transmission breaks down. Whether it\'s from a factory defect or the onset of everyday wear and tear, transmission failure of the Nissan Quest is all too real and must be addressed as soon as possible. Proper use and maintenance of the Nissan Quest transmission will help ensure its continued safe and proper operation, but it also pays to be aware of the various signs of impending failure. Check out some of the common symptoms of transmission problems of the Nissan Quest minivan below.

    Refusal to change gear

    Nissan Quest vans with manual transmission are said to offer better fuel efficiency and handling characteristics, but it has the tendency to get stuck. Particularly, the stick may refuse to budge when trying to shift into first gear from a complete stop or when shifting up or down a gear. Either way, this problem often signals that the hydraulic transmission fluid is running low inside the van\'s gearbox (which might be caused by a leak in the system). Using the wrong type of hydraulic fluid or an out-of-sync clutch linkage can also cause the gears to seize.

    Dragging clutch

    Another common problem associated with Nissan Quest vans with manual transmission is the so-called dragging clutch. In this case, the clutch disc does not disengage the flywheel after stepping on the clutch. This is usually caused by too much slack on the clutch cable connecting the pedal to the clutch disc, or by the cable becoming detached from the disc or pedal. Either way this will cause the clutch to spin alongside the engine, resulting in a loud, continuous grinding noise and disabling both the clutch and shift stick. Tightening the clutch cable should effectively fix this problem, although if the cable has snapped or seriously damaged it must be replaced.

    Overheating transmission

    If you smell something burning in or around your van\'s gearbox, chances are that it is actually burning up. Aside from keeping the transmission\'s gears and other moving parts well lubricated, the hydraulic transmission fluid also helps keep friction-induced heat in these components. And once the hydraulic dips below recommended levels, it is no longer effective in keeping the transmission cool and thus results in overheating.

    Constant overheating will ultimately damage the transmission of your Nissan Quest beyond repair, so it is important to inspect the transmission as soon as possible once it starts to heat up or emits a burning smell. In most cases you will need to refill the transmission with a new batch of fluid, although you may also have to check for leaks especially if the gearbox continues to heat up even after replenishing the transmission fluid.

    Slipping gears

    The Nissan Quest gearbox is designed so that it stays on the gear you designate or-in the case of automatics-what the van\'s onboard computer designated based on the engine\'s current RPM range. So if the gears \"slip\" to neutral or another gear, it is a strong indicator of a transmission problem. A slipping gear is highly dangerous as you may lose control of your van while driving. Replacing the gears or the linkages is often the solution to this problem.