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Below you'll find a wide variety of Nissan Titan parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Nissan Titan to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Differential Maintenance for Your Nissan Titan

    The Nissan Titan is a pretty reliable pickup truck. Modern amenities and a high-end tow package are some of the features this hardy truck can boast of. It\'s also highly rated for its safety, with the first generation Titans carrying a five-star and four-star rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for driver frontal crash and passenger frontal crash, respectively. Added to these, the second-generation Titans are also getting a horsepower upgrade, courtesy in part of its partnership with Cummins. On the other side of all these, however, the Titan is plagued by a curse.a serious problem with its differential.

    Finding leaks in the differential axle seal

    The differential of a vehicle handles the transfer of power from the driveshaft to the axles, which then drives the wheels to enable your truck to run. The differential and axle are made up of several gears and metal components whose operational efficiency and lifespan largely depend on the differential oil that lubricate the said components.

    The problem that many Nissan Titan owners report has to do with the leak of the said fluid through a damaged seal in the differential, which sometimes leads to the failure of the metal parts in the differential because of the loss of lubrication, given that a leak is not very noticeable because of the differential\'s location. What often gives it away is the presence of oil or extreme dirt in the rear wheels.

    Checking the differential axle seal regularly

    The axle seal in Nissan Titans are not usually part of the regular maintenance check required of the vehicle, so many Titan owners do not really pay notice to the said component. However, given its tendency to get damaged and to cause leaks, it is important that you pay attention to the seal every now and then, checking it for signs of tear and wearing and replacing it as soon as any indication of damage is evident. Don\'t wait for an obvious sign of leak before you have the seal replaced.

    Changing the differential oil regularly and cleaning the differential

    Aside from checking the seal, it is also important to flush and top off the differential oil at the correct interval, which is from around 30,000 to 50,000 miles. This is important because the oil\'s lubricating quality deteriorates over time. Sometimes, particulates and metal shavings also accumulate in the oil as it flows through various metal components grinding against each other as the vehicle runs. These particles can cause damage both on other metal parts and on the seal, which can then trigger seal damage and leaks. Therefore, it is important to follow the oil change interval for the differential.

    Cleaning the differential could be as simple as wiping away the oil on the housing and the gears and using an abrasive pad to clean the mating surface of the differential housing and cover. Remember not to use cleaners that are too harsh as this can mix with the differential oil. After cleaning, seal the differential properly.